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  1. Diamondscapes

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    I find it totally UNBELIEVABLE how many so called landscapers in the state of Maryland are not properly LICENSED or INSURED. In MD it is required to have a MHIC# to do any kind of home improvements IE: any kind of hardscaping or landscaping. For some reason everybody who mows grass thinks they can just start doing design/build work. I don't get it. It is illegal to enter into a contract with a home owner to do any kind of home improvement work with out a MHIC#. If caught it is punishable under Maryland law with jail time and fines. Think a little bit lawn jockeys before you enter the construction arena.
  2. JB1

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    Whats so hard to understand, the law requires auto insurance here and theres a lot of people that dosen't have that.
  3. Diamondscapes

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    Thanks for the response JB. I cant belive that only 1 person out of 69 who read this post has enough guts to respond . Kind of answers my question/comment. Is the lack of response due to the overwhelming amount of non licensed contractors who post on the board??
  4. mickman

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    I am taking exam again this winter. I taken mhic in 1999 when I started my own business, didn't need it to do lawn maint, pruning, mulching, flowers, etc. You do need it if you are doing any type of job that changes the countour of the land.

    I've became incorporated as soon as I started my lco. I pay all my takes, pay accountant, have workers comp, fully insured from weedeater to snow plows.
    over 21 years experience.

    I get pissed because there are alot of "landscrapers" that don't pay taxes, Ins. and want to undercut,lowball, whatever to make a buck.

    I sir, do have guts. I sub out my hardscape work, but I am a very good designer, and will add hardscapes,fishponds,pavers, patios, etc.

    Welcome to the competition.
  5. DiscoveryLawn

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    Hmmm... I read this post after you posted it and did not respond. I suppose I do not have guts? I suppose because I did not respond it would be reasonable for you to assume that I am not licensed, insured and pay taxes? I imagine that all of us that choose not to respond can be assumed to be scrubs?

  6. rodfather

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    Why should I care about Maryland requirements...I'm in NJ :dizzy: Lawn jockeys huh? :angry: Nice comment btw...
  7. Soupy

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    Maybe everyone has read this same topic over and over and just don't feel like getting into it again. Lawn Jockeys? You will not make many Friends on here with that attitude.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Probably a lot of guys just don't know about the licensing. Maybe they start small mowing, pick up a few hardscape jobs along the way. Doesn't mean they are trying to get one over on anyone.
  9. rodfather

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    My sentiments exactly.
  10. T.E.

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    I too am not concerned about what other states require. That being said all states are different. In OK I don't have to have a business license to operate a business, such as, lawn maintenance. You also don't have to collect sales tax if your a contractor. Just being licensed doesn't mean that one is as QUALIFIED as they should be. ( Just being able to pass an exam doesn't mean I want someone applying chemicals on my lawn.)

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