Under $5,200 lawn service


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This is an awsome site! I have helped my co-workers @ my fire department in the past and this year started my own service for under $5,200.

That includes:
A new GRAVELY 1548 walk behind Hydro Pro w/ KAWASAKI, multch kit and Pro Slide ($4,100 out the door)
A TORO 21" 5.5 w/ commercial deck walk behind (FREE, $750 new x 7 yrs. ago)
ECHO 260 trimmer and edger ($250 for both)
ECHO 650 blower ($250)
6'x12' tandum axle trailer ($500)

Did not think i would like a big walk behind because i learned to drive a O-turn on a Walker. It only took about 4-6 hrs. in a open lot behind the station to get the hang of the GRAVELY. I love the Pro Slide and my GRAVELY. I'm a big, big ECHO fan, have had ECHO stuff at my house for about 8 years, you can not tear this stuff up.


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Same here. We got 3 volleys here with lawn mowing companies. We also have 4 paid paramedic that do it on the side as a third job. They should do the same for teacher. I had a teacher when i when to walpole high in MA. That had a 721D grasshopper with 35 accounts and made more money doing that then teaching. Theres a couple of time i been to the station and there was not place to park the truck because everyone was out mowing, plus two other members mow their 2nd property. We had 3 pick ups with trailer and two dumps with trailers. We had to move everything to get the engines back in.


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and you are pulling the trailer by hand?

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