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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wayne Landscaping, May 12, 2004.

  1. Wayne Landscaping

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    I bought some Under Armour clothing supplies and recommend it to everyone. It keeps my upper body cool while I’m mowing which gives me a lot more energy. It has fabric that keeps the moisture from your body on you so you keep cool. The heat gear is a tight fabric so it will not fit for those who have a beer belly but if it does, it works wonders! http://www.underarmour.com/ua2/ua/default.asp
  2. metro-hp_48

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    from TN
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    no beer belly fit? hmmmm leaves me out.
  3. GeeVee

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    Don't let the beer belly thing fool you, thats a poor misconception.

    The fabric is a stretchy nylon/Spandex sort of thing.

    True the material traps a layer of wetness against your skin, it will cool a bit.

    Works in the winter time as well. Under your work clothes, heat trying to escape is trapped. Naturally, if you are working, you may sweat a bit even if its 0* outside. This layer of sweat would be trapped, heated by your body heat.

    When I visit NY in the winter to hunt, I carry various pieces of wetsuit with me. I go outside in the deep snow in shorts over my short sleeved full suit.

    I get looked at in the stores a little if I have to get supplies- but I am warmer than they, so they can giggle all they want.

    The skin tight jerseys are used to keep chafing and rashes away when worn under other garment or wetsuits, or used alone in the summer for rash and sun protection.

    I used to wear long sleeved shirts when working for the sun protection- but a rash guard would be better- lighter when wet.
  4. EMackIV

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    I posted something about under armour in another forum. It really is amazing stuff, it lasts forever and keeps you cool too (well worth the price) I use their long sleeve cold gear for the early spring baseball games. Really good stuff here.
  5. jcr_17

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    from Texas
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    Where do you put your logo or bus. name? I just stick with being professional with my polo style shirts and logo.
  6. randy2625

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    i wear mine under my company shirt
  7. Precision

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    I am not familiar with this under armour, but look into duofold. Some newfangled triple threaded polyester stuff. Works like a charm. I can't stay wet long enough to make a real mark on my shirt. And that is in the wonderful humidity and heat of central florida.

    campmor.com clearance $10 each.
  8. RedWingsDet

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    i have some for football season, but sense i dont have time for football anymore its in my drawer. and i want to get tan, so i dont wear it when mowing. i only use it when im out running/jogging in the morning/night. but i also have a black one that is a cut off t, that i totally forgot about. looks like ill use that next time (even though itll attract sun, itll keep me somewhat cool
  9. CJ GreenScapes

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    Try the "Loose Gear" by Under Armour. It fits over by beer belly!... Seriously, this stuff is awesome.

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