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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Decoste76, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I think i under bidded a mulch project.. i got the job and yesterday i was over the property preparing the mulch beds and i think im going to need possibly double the mulch i could be wrong though im going to see how it goes. I feel like and idiot if i messed up that bad. Now if i did mess up and need more i go to the home owner and tell him that we are going to need more mulch now is this my mess up and the price stays the same and they just pay for the product or do i charge them for the install too again.? t
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    I would call them and just let them know. I allways have a lot who want to spread it "really thin". That is great, but they will never be happy when your done. If anything just expain your bid and take a little off price per yard if they start to complain. In my experience most understand, but I started using a margin of error a while back lol.
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    Im not sure how someone could mess up by 1/2. The homeowner hired you to do the job and Im sure you sold yourself as a pro. If it was me and I would of made that mistake I would eat it and explain to the cliant it was your falt but you are going to handle it. I dont mean to come off as a prick but this is what seperates the real landscapers from the young kids and the new guys.
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    EVERYBODY starts somewhere, even the "REAL" landscapers. You make the "new guys" sound like a dirty word. There is no need to be a jerk.

    Call the customer, explain your mistake work with them on a solution. Everyone makes mistakes. Resolve it together. No need to eat it all.
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    If you were a professional you would eat the cost, do the job as you bid it and offered it and move on to the next one hoping you don't mess up again. Just my 2 cents. If I offer a price to a customer and the job takes longer than I planned I don't increase the price. I would think if you had enough margin built in to the labor and materials you shouldn't lose to much money. I guess it depends on how big the job is.
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    Go ahead and call them and explain you will be charging double for the job that you already agreed on go on I bet they tell you to go get F%^& or will say ok and let you do the work and then tell everyone they know you f$%^& them and never to use you. The only way to do this right is to admit you made a mistake and YOU will eat the cost then they will say dang he is a honest guy and will use you everytime they need something. And yes thats what a REAL landscaper would do. Everyone thinks its so ez to just go throw some mulch around. Live and learn.

    And I wasnt trying to be a jerk and I think I even statted that so you stop being a jerk newb.
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    Its happened to me, so hey you aren't alone. That being said, it only happened one time, and it wasn't my proudest momement explaining it to my customer. We parted ways by telephone after I pulled my gear. They ended up finishing the job. Once thing though, for what I was paid, they got some of the nicest hand edging and weeding I've done. Do what you have to do, but definatly talk to your customer and maybe you can meet them halfway. Good luck.
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    Agreed...eat it and don't even bring it to the homeowners attention because they will never hire you again. Use it as a business learning experience. A business learning experience can be just as expensive as college classes sometimes. Live & learn.

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