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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by johnyredd99, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. johnyredd99

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    I have a customer that wants the underbrush in her woods cleared out. I started to clear out the lighter growth and the down branches but then made it to this really thick stuff. I am just not sure what to use or how to go about getting this done.. I was thinking maybe a bush hog but not sure. My other thought were using the bucket on kubota to try and back drag to break it up. I am just not sure... Normally I would turn down the job but I have been doing the part time thing for 8 years and decided this would be the year to go full time. so i can not walk away from the money. Thanks for any advice

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  2. White Gardens

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    I would do two things.

    Use a long, articulating, extended reach hedge trimmer to cut anything up to 2 inches.


    Then I would use a 12-14 inch light arborist saw to cut down the rest.


    At that point you could use your tractor to clean up the mess when your done.
  3. Oakleaf landscape

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    IDK what kid of weed eater you have but most of them allow you to put a blade on the head. Will go through anything pretty much... That's what I would use for the brush, then a chain saw for anything over 3 in.
    Here's a few ideas.
  4. bmac1996acc

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  5. Smallaxe

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    Chainsaws for this kind of thing usually means a lot of bending over, and chains jumping off every 2 minute... A circular brush blade attachment on a basic engine unit, will give you a nice length and enough power to take it all down.

    A large pitch fork is nice to have handy to pick up all the junk with one scoop and use it to rake up quickly before going into fine cleanup detail... the right tools, for the right job... if you don't have them now, buy 'em... :)
  6. johnyredd99

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    thanks for the responses. I have tried all that you have described. but the problem then become once its cut down how to shread it up. When I was clearing out the less dense areas I would clear the area of limbs and then run my old WB over the area several times. Customer doesnt want to pay for a chipper at this time(claims she is having tree work done later and they can chip) and I do not believe that it would feed into a chipper very easily or with out getting all cut up from thorns. Guess my only option is to cut down growth and let it lay for the tree guys to deal with. I hate to do that tho
  7. AdvLandscapeLLC

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    I use my mini ex with the tooth bucket to rake it out and rip everything out i think it makes the cleanest look.
  8. johnyredd99

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    I never thought of a mini ex. very good idea. I watched a guy do it w/ skid steer once. could scrape the area clean, pile all the debris.
    guess only thing left to do is get in there and do it. I will put up some after pics. you guys will have to let me know
  9. Smallaxe

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    Careful with the integrity of the landscape left behind and the ruts/roots of the trees... Most guys who run in with a skidster leave ugly in their wake...
  10. jim81147

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    Would she allow you to burn the debris?

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