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    I was just wondering if you all tested using under coating on the bottom of the decks. Like spray on bed liner. I know that most of the products it would take air chisel to remove the under coating. That would help with the cleaning under the deck (with out removing the paint). I have seen three products on truck beds. Some have course feel and some are fine (smooth). Could that be in the future for Hustler decks?

  2. mowerconsultant

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    I am not aware of anything we have done with the undercoating type products.
    Sounds interesting though.

  3. imograss

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    Seems to me that any kind of coarse coating under the deck would promote grass buildup.IMO.
  4. mowerconsultant

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    I also wonder about the "liner" material holding up to the corrosion and acidity of the grass....
    Something to think about though...

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    Look at a product called "Chassis saver" http://www.magnetpaints.com/underbody.asp

    I bought a gallon of it at a local automotive paint supplier and am going to coat the inside of my dumpbed with it. It goes on smooth and slick. I haven't been able to apply it yet but I did get to look at and feel the sample piece of metah they had that was coated with it. It feels almost like plastic, flexable and won't crack but also is TOUGH. I'm told that NO solvents will break it down or remove it and that it's even hard to sandblast off.

    The underside of mower decks aren't really rough anyway. Usually the metal under the deck is smooth and shiny due to the anmount of abrasive material that goes through there at high speed. Sure it surface rusts in half a days time but within a few minutes of mowing that's gone. I think grass is going to stick to any surface, no matter how slick... Too bad they can't teflon coat them like a frying pan! But the teflon would wear off just like the powdercoat paint does.
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    Own a 23hp 2006 Super Mini Z with a 44" deck. I try to mow only when the grass is dry but this deck is very prone to grass build up. I am using the stock fusion blades. Is there anything that can be done to allow the grass to discharge mor effectively?
  7. mowerconsultant

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    There are a few things you need to do / check.
    Make sure you’re running the Hustler Fusion blades and they are sharp.
    Make sure when you start the deck is completely scraped clean.
    Check your deck belt tension.
    Check your engine RPM’s.
    Check / set your deck level and pitch.
    With all of those in order you should be cutting fine.
    Depending on the serial # of your mower there may be a deck opening modification you can make, email me or post your serial # and I can check for you.


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