Under deck Paint on new mowers - how durable

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ITL, May 13, 2006.

  1. ITL

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    Question. Typically how many hours does the paint last under the mower deck with a new mower? Our 52 inch Stander with mulch kit had no loss of paint until around 60 hours cutting cool season grasses with clay soils. Now at 80 hours seeing small sections that are shiny steel. I am guessing that 7 gauge steel will take a long time to rust through. Should we touch up paint or forget about it?


  2. mike lane lawn care

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    i would touch it up. the cost is neglagent and it keeps the deck in good shape. it will rust and you will have more than a simple coat of paint to do.
  3. kc2006

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    I found that if your somewhat gentle while cleaning the deck if you use a putty knife that it will last a longer amount of time.

    I'd say coat it with some rustoleum pro series paint or let it get some surface rust and hit it with por15. I've never had luck with por15 on clean metal, just slightly rusted, which they actually recommend you to let freshly sandblasted pieces get some surface rust on them before coating them.
  4. ALarsh

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    Well I have 220 hours on my machine and the paint on the underside has been gone for quite some time. You can really tell how the deck shoots the grass out the side by paint. I would leave it be.
  5. Soupy

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    I can't imagine any rust building up on the underside of a deck. The grass blasting trough it should keep it pretty clean. That is why you don't have paint in those areas anyway. You'll just be repainting every couple hundred hours anyway.
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    No point bothering. Mine get sandblasted back shiney on a regular basis.

    No point painting them for anything other than winter storage, and even then it makes more sense just to lube them.

    I decided this after I had the bright idea I would try that EZ Slide deck paint.
    I usually use the "Pro Grade" sprays from Krylon or Rustoluem with better results I think.
    (Unless I did something wrong with the EZ Slide)

    Anyways.... I'm thinking more along the lines of coating them with Fluid Film for the winter, or some Mil-Spec lube.
  7. Soupy

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    Envy, do you have a link to the fluid film? Did you see my post here http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=146499
  8. Lee in OH

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  9. Dano50

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  10. Roger

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    Many areas of the 7 Iron II deck of my new John Deere 717A, 48" deck, were shiny metal after only about 10 hours of service. I was surprised because I seem to remember my Exmark Viking taking a long time to shine down to metal, in any area. The discharge force is vastly different between these two decks.

    The blades being used will undoubtedly make a difference. If I use regular hi-lifts on my Exmark, the underside may, or may not, stay quite clean of debris. However, when I use extra hi-lifts, the deck gets cleaned out, shiny and smooth pretty quickly. Therefore, most likely, the paint situation will depend upon what blades are being used and the kind of soil (sandy, clay, etc) is underneath the deck.

    If grass clippings won't clean it off smooth, leaves during Fall cleanup will certainly do a job!

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