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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by minix, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Isobel

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    I disagree, the newspaper does decompose over time, and costs you nothing to buy.
  2. betmr

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    If it is wood mulch, I don't put anything, Fabric keeps the composted mulch from mixing with the soil, and on even slightest slopes the mulch slides off easily.
    Under Stone or gravel I use filter fabric to keep the stone separate from the soil.

    Just my opinion but, I don't like the newspaper, cardboard idea. Because I feel it would hinder the flow of and trap too much water and nutrients at the surface, and not deep into the root zone.

    Just a 3" layer of mulch, and then either pre-M...pull by hand...or spot treat.
  3. WalkerMike98

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    pendamethalin or prowl
  4. starry night

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    Or in my case: Let others use the weed mat and then I come in and get paid to rip it out after it does more harm than good.
  5. betmr

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    I hear Ya!! :drinkup:

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