under priced or over priced? or about the same.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kbcjlc, May 4, 2002.

  1. kbcjlc

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    (Based on 43,500 SQ FT)


    1. Early Spring: Cost $96.75

    2.Mid-Spring: Cost $109.95

    3.Early Fall: Cost $85.50

    4. Late Fall: Cost $89.70


    1. Soil test: Cost $25.00

    2. Aeration: Cost $75.00

    3. Over-seeding: Cost $170.00

    4. Late Summer / Early Fall: Cost $143.13
    (Granular insecticide application for chemical control of general grub populations.)


    *Note about Lime: Soil Test will tell how much acid you have in the soil. You may need a lot or may not need that much. Customer will pay for the lime
  2. HBFOXJr

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    How do you propose to overseed a lawn for $3.90/K and aerate for $1.72/K.

    Actually how did you come up with any of your numbers? Knowing your methods or though process might help us refine your pricing.
  3. DBLC

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    I too am interested in how you come up with your prices. I would like to compare with mine!
  4. tremor

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    Now I know we were fairly steep for core aeration. We charged $75.00 as the drop dead minimum for any size lawn + $15.00 for every 1000 over 3000 sq.

    I still advocate that my customers charge $50-$120 per thousand for slice seeding depending on size & difficulty. This woould of course include such niceties such as starter fertilizer, flagging irrigation heads, a warranty, and we'd clean up after ourselves.

    I hate seeing prices per round that are less than $150.00/Acre.

    I suppose you "COULD" make money doing things this way; If you had about 15-20 in a row on the same street & had them all on pre-pay & contracts.

    Charge more if true success in business is your goal.

  5. grassman69

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    price consistency per round should be normal i think, although you know that you may have more or less in each application. why make the a.r. work more difficult? 1 acre average should run $140-150 per app, and discount to $120-125 for 2 acres or more, core aer
    @$15 per thousand, $ 50 per thousand for double aeration/overseed.
    i double application cost for grub treatment (double regular app cost)
    figure I start cost @ $60 per app @ 10,000 sq ft and scale the math to $150 per app for 1 acre, maybe im a bit high but only choose quality customers to begin w/.
  6. GarPA

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    my minimum for aeration is $10 per 1000sqft...and thats for Good customers...for others $12 is the min and more if the property is hilly, rocky , lots of trees etc. Other companies charge anywhere from $12 to $17 per 1000 in my area...Treugreens prices are even more I think. I do overseeding but not enough to give you a good number. But on aeration, you are literally giving the store away...regardless if they do other biz with you or not. Thats some of the harder work we do and keeping that machine in working order is costly...I have a Lawnaire 28( built like a tank but it still gets beat up along with me) Please....dont give aeration away....I make very good money at it and want to keep it that way
  7. Kent Lawns

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    $ 550 4 step weed & feed.
    $ 45 soil test. (Lab fees alone are 10-15)
    $ 172 core aeration
    $ 645 overseeding (we use our landpride slit-seeder)
    $ 235 grub application

    $1647 per year.

    Material costs are over $700, if you do it right. Even if your equipment and labor were FREE, you'd still lose money bidding at the quoted prices.
  8. tremor

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    One of my customers just sold Lawn Care services to a local bigger municipality. 2 parks totaling 4.75 acres a 10 minute drive away from each other.
    So about 207,000 sq ft. The 3 step program they requested (I designed) was sold at $5950.00 or $1983.00 per application on average.

    R.1) 19-0-6 50% Slow .1% Dimension April 15
    and 0-0-7 Momentum Granular Herbicide

    R.2) 24-5-11 50% Slow .2% Merit Mid June

    R.3) 32-5-7 25% Slow Labor Day

    This little program is not exactly what I call high end, but it's all they wanted to cover. The client didn't want any liquid treatments at all which drove up the material cost. It's also front loaded with N. I'd prefer to have the N coming toward the end of the season, but the Parks Dept had their minds made up.
    The material cost will be about $1450.00. So the labor bill (for lack of a better term) is $4500 or $1500.00 per round. $1500 divided by 207 (thousand sq ft) equals $7.25/1000. Of course R.1) was 2 trips across the turf, but the guy used a tractor & was done in 5 hours after picking up materials & traveling.
    The applications are made in the evening after the gates (where applicable) are locked.

    This represents a pretty far cry from "cost of materials times 2 equals the price". No one better get up screaming that municipal work has to be given away either. It all boils down to accommodating the needs of the client & some good old fasioned salesmanship.


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