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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I am looking for a fixture that can be mounted on the underside of some open deck steps (treads) to shine light down on the lower sets of treads below. I am going to need 8 or so.

    I know that Kichler has the 15167 AZT but frankly it is just pain ugly and that glare shield is way too big. http://www.landscapelighting.com/portal/products/detail/15167AZT

    I might be able to use the Vista 4260 but would prefer something that throws the light forward so as to not spill too much light down onto the ground beneath the steps.

    Do you know of another fixture that might work in this application?

    Have a great day.
  2. Tomwilllight

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    I like to use Roberts Step Lights which can be recessed into the underside of the tread. They require you to cut rabbit about 3/4" by 9/16". I think a rabbit cut in at an angle to throw the light forward would meet your needs nicely. Easy enough to do if you can remove the treads and have access to a table saw.

    They also offer an LED line now.

    Web Site http://www.robertssteplite.com

  3. Mike M

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    I can't help you James, but I agree that Kichler shield is ugly.

    Tom, that fixture is slick!
  4. Mark B

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    Ha this is funny. I'm looking into the same thing. I'm going with the focus that is like the vista fixture. I tired my best to talk the customer into using downlighting from some trees that are close to the steps. On my project I have plain steps w/o rails plus there is a kicker plate on the top step. Then no kicker on the other steps. Then the upper section has steps with rails. So i'm going to use the vista light fixture for the lower section that James listed then some white regualr step lights mounted on the upper section to the rails. It will be interesting how it looks when it is finished.

    Doesn't nightscaping have a light fixture that can be used in that application? I have seen some under benches. I might be wrong on that.
  5. bmwsmity

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    hmm. that vista light is pretty much identical to the light made by Integral.

    the light by Integral does a nice job lighting steps and paver walls... but i still think it would throw light in a downward direction more than you would like james. wouldn't hurt to check the photometrics though.
  6. NightLightingFX

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    Before you go with Vista's fixture consider Evening Star's wall fixture. Evening Star has the same kind of fixture as Integral & Vista. I don't know about Vista's fixture but I have compared Evening Star's and Integral's and Evening Star's is far supperior. Evening Star's angles the light out so that it doesn't create a hot spot right under the fixture. I don't know if you researched Evening Star's new fixture or not?
  7. Mike M

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    I have a sample of the Integral in copper. After a close look, it appears you can have a sheet metal guy bend it out for you, or contact the manu and give them the angle you want. If it was me, I'd bend it myself in a vice, and demo the effect first. The face plate is easily removed (screws) but the mounting plate has the bulb-mount permanently attached and it's a little in the way for a clean bending job.

    my 2 cents.

    Integral makes the facing in multiple finishes, but the bare copper is very nice.
  8. S&MLL

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    Integral fixtures shouldnt be used on wood steps.
  9. NightLightingFX

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    If you want to use something like the Integral fixture. DON'T use Integral, - Those fixture are VERY cheap compared to Evening Star's version. I am telling you the Evening Star fixtures ARE FAR superior to the Integral fixture.
  10. Chris J

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    Will somebody explain to me why the beauty of the fixture is important in this application? If installed properly, no one will ever see it!

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