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    I cant imagine I took the time to read this whole thread. Iron handrain... enough said. Its weldable... modifiable material. Forget shooting 1/2 inch at 14 feet. You would die before you finished thoes holes and to think you would hit a few inch core drill spot at that depth is just rediculous.

    I dare you to even try it with a 1 inch bit. Just to compare we did a 6 foot one with an alluminum jig we made thru a rock for a water feature. With a jig and a 3/4 expansion bit we ended up off by an inch. No big deal but imagine being off by 3 inches.

    Pictures!! where the heck are the pics.

    Now back to that rail. Think about suggesting some sort of decorative pockets to be welded into the rail. Something small enough to hold the Vista rail light or Toms suggestion of the roberts step light even in LED then run a small ga wire. Maybe some nice flower boxes welded to the railing with a light concealed in a pocket underside ?
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    1: Changing the shape, pattern, and look of the already installed, custom fabricated, wrought iron rail system was not an option. The same rail was installed in multiple different locations across the property. Suggesting alterations of this type, so late in the build, is generally not appreciated and usually never accepted.

    2: The problem was solved months ago. I had Nightscaping (the 'old' Nightscaping) custom build a bunch of MasonLiters with an adjustable reflector and mounted them under the treads of every other step. Installed 5W xenon lamps and the effect and light pattern was just fine. Depending on your location and the ambient light levels, it can and often is accpetable to light every other tread... In fact I cannot remember an instance where I lit every single tread in a set of steps. I personally think that would look just dreadful.

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