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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Glad to hear you have a good day, I almost rolled my loader over, thank god for pine trees. Slid through 2, and the third stopped it.
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    Pics and a story are requirements around here
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    I was moving snow onto the snow cat road, we had 102cms in the last two days here. The first real snow fall in two months, so everything off the parking lots was getting hauled onto the cat's road to build it up, incase the weather warms up again the roads will be thick. Anyways, in order to get to this road I have to drive on a snow road it's about 7 feet thick, just compact snow. Anyways it warmed up around midnight last night, then around 2 dropped down to 10 below. I've got special snow tires on my 950 and it still wasn't getting traction. I was driving along in first gear, the right rear tire slipped and spun probably a half rotation, and that was enough for the back end to slip off, the front came pretty fast after, the machine slid sideways on ontop of the snow down about 20 feet, and bowled over two 30+ ft pines, and finally stopped at a slightly larger one. Good thing I had my seat belt on. Took me about twenty minutes to dig out the rear end with the back hoe. Couldn't move the loader because the tree was barely holding it. Ended up chaining up the loader to two plow trucks, a 950H. We broke two chains but eventually got it out, the loaders completely fine.

    GO CAT. Hell of a way to end a 12 hour shift though. It's got to be the scariest feeling every though, when the back end of the your machine articulates and you are moving the direction the way the wheels don't go. It's all part of the game, I've only been stuck twice since I've worked there. A guy who started same time as me has rolled both 950's and totaled a patron's pickup.

    I'm back doing the same thing down a longer snow road tonight at 10. I'll bring my camera incase anything happens tonight.
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    two words.... powerwasher......expansion foam. i speak from experience.
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    Have a power washer but it was tooooooo cold..........I'm liken' the expansion foam idea :clapping:
  6. P.Services

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    take the floor pans off also and wash it on a hill. you really would be surprised how fast that stuff gets cleaned out, the current washes any areas you cant reach. Start to finish under an hour and its spotless.

    i couldn't believe how much silt was in mine and i do it once a month minimum!!

    can i ask you a stupid question? where in the heck is the drain for the engine oil? mine has a big rubber line comming out where the drain plug would be but i cant find the other end for the life of me!!! i have always just taken the line off right there.
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    i gotta pop the cab and drop the belly pans on my rc100 to clean everything out this week, gonna be in the 50's so not too bad.
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    Remove the rear belly access cover (4 bolts center rear bottom) and the drain hose is connected to the oil pan right there. I use the remote the remote drain also but the oil HAS TO BE WARM or it takes forever to drain !
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    I did that and pulled on that hose as hard as I could and it wouldn't budge. Its almost like it goes up into the engine bay. I can't see the other end but it is looooong. Next time I will figure it out, I was changing the oil out in the field and had dug a pit under the machine with an excavator. Safe I know!!
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    Use the same process when your hoses under the cab blow to clean out all the fluid that you lose.:rolleyes:

    I removed the remote rubber hose. It drains slow as hell. I just drained the oil straight from the pan where the hose connects, and put a regular drain plug there.

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