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under the deck

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What is best way you guys have found to get under the ztr mower deck to change the blades??? Do the ztr jacks work or not?? thanks
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I use a lifting arm I made to work with my floor jack that attaches to the mower. I even painted the tabs I welded to the mower Cats Eye Gold to match the mower. :usflag: Works good enough for me. :)
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we have jungle jacks for the standers and would work for a smaller ztr, and now have mowjack for the heavy terds. that thing is super awesome, especially for the price.

Hey alc-gregh, i thought scag decks were not supposed to clog with such a huge discharge area!!!ahahahhah. that looks like a lot of grass under there
That's a good example that ANY mower deck is going to clog up in wet spring growth, even a Scag.
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