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    What I have noticed in my area is that most lawn service guys are under cutting. I once considered it, but I see the effects it has on the industry as a whole. There should be certain standard we live by. I had an offer for a lawn mowing, edging job. The lawn is a little over 3/4 of an acre. It has a steep slope in the front yard. In between the street and the side walk is another island with grass. The client wants everything edged. I calculated it is 60 feet from garage to where his property ends. This is not including the island in front. Basically, I have just started. I have a push mower and edger and blower. It would take me basically at least 3hrs to get the job done. I offered $100 to do the job, then came down to $75. Just to find out that another guy offered $50. How in the world could the job be done for $50 is confusing me. Even if you have a rider, it will take you at least two hrs.

    Am I charging to much and being frustrated because I do not have a rider to do the job quickly or do I have a legitimate beef!! What should I charge for 3/4 acre.
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    You're too high because you lack the proper equipment to do the job in a timely manner.No way should a 3/4 acre lot take 3 hours to mow,trim,and edge.Of course,it might with a push mower,but the guy with the Z is going to have it done in 30-45 minutes solo.He can charge 50 per hour,drive time included.
    In my area,1/2 acre lots are the worst.Not much area,but the homeowner or builder has thrown in every conceivable obstacle imaginable.This slows me down.For this reason,I can mow a 1 acre property for just a bit more than the 1/2 acre.Less turning,less trimming,less edging.So,I price a 1 acre lot(actual turf area not including home) at 1.3 times the 1/2 acre price.Usually takes me just a bit longer to cut than a 1/2 acre.
    3/4 acre lots are 1.2 times the 1/2 acre price.
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    I have a 3/4 acre lot so I can speak here for time ideas. I have an exmark 36 metro, echo srm230 trimmer, mclane edger, and husky blower that I use daily. i use this to do my property also. From start to finish I wil do my yard in about 45 minutes. Having the right equipment and a lot of experience makes all the difference in the world. Before when i used a standard rider it took me about 2:30 to do the lot. The metro makes quick work of the yard and leaves a beautiful finished appearnce. I have some lots of the spproximate same size that I do in this area and they are usually priced at about $60. $60 is $1 per minute to me.....at 45 minutes or so I come out ahead and the homeowner is none the wiser. Choose your equipment carefully and buy the good stuff the first time.......I'm telling you it will cost you less and make you more in the long run. Good luck!

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