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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mad_wrestler, May 3, 2005.

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    A customer is pricing cleanup for her back yard and gathering quotes from other LCOs. Here are the dimensions.

    a) 151' X b)150' X c)111'.

    a) 151 linear feet clearing at about 15 feet wide
    -16 branches-totaling approximately 100', min 4" to max 9" diam
    -this side has a fence line with hollies grown over, that will be cut.
    -17 bushes . medium size being removed.
    -numerous ground cover(weeds)
    b) 150 linear feet clearing at about 8 feet wide
    -2 branches totaling 45', 4" and 7" in diameter
    -no fence line to deal with
    -numerous weeds
    c)111 linear feet clearing at about 45 feet wide.
    -41 bushes. Vary in sizes most are medium. 4 at 20' tall at 6 feet wide.
    -numerous ground cover.
    -5 3" diameter and 20' tall trees
    All areas are really grown up. We didn't really had a short and mild winter down here.

    ---I plan on spraying the weeds a couple of days prior to thin it out. Does that sound like a good idea? I will have my two brothers helping and possibly renting a machine to assist in the removal of the trees and bushes. Or do you think my 2WD Dodge 1500 V8 will do? After the spray we will go in with brush cutter blades ( 3 ea) and work on our perspective section. Clear the small stuff out. Then work on the bigger trees and limbs. I am figuring that it will take 2 days at 9 hours per day for 3 guys. That comes to 54 total man hours at $60 per man hour. My total would be $3240. In your opinion would you have hauling and disposal be included or would you add $85 a truck load? Or maybe 30 per man hour and a minimum 10 loads at $85 equals 2470. I think that it would be more in the ball park of 20 loads. But I don't want to bid labor so low that if the home owner decides to burn then I lose out. Well, check this out how about 45/man hour=2430 then $85 per truck to haul and dispose? What do you think? :help:
  2. AlbeLawn

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    if there is that much disposal rent a chipper and save time and money by getting rid of the debree with less truck loads and a lot less man handling of the material.
  3. MarcSmith

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    The only problem with the chipper is getting the chipped debris out of the truck if you don't have a dump bed.... But I second the chipper idea you will save alot on the trips to the dump, and you can charge for the chipper rental as well. your price may actually go down.....
  4. mad_wrestler

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    Thanks for the inputs. With and without the chipper, what would be a good estimate? Thanks
  5. MarcSmith

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    around here chipper rental is gonna run you about $200 a day depending on how big of a chipper you get... but you easily save that in fuel and time not having to run to the dump, not to mention the saving in dump fees.

    If I am not mistaken the ratio is like 10:1 every load of chipped debris (branches, leaves ect) will equal 10 loads of unchipped debris.

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