Understanding the Difference-Hydrated Lime & Marking Chalk

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by krankin, May 28, 2008.

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    Our local ballfield is being marked with Hydrated Lime. My son, the Catcher, had a pretty significant skin and respiratory reaction after a ballgame. My husband thought to look at the equipment storage and found the bags that they were using. I looked up the MSDS sheet and what the differences are between this and marking chalk and am very confused as to why they would be using this product in such a way. Is this a common practice?
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    No, this is not common practice. I would suggest that you contact your leagues' equipment manager and president, and make them aware of the situation. Depending on who is responsible for the purchasing of the marking chalk, weather it is a park & rec district, or the league itself, it could take a few phone calls to find the person responsible for ordering the product. A form of lime is used for lining the fields but it is limestone that is used in the marking chalk.
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    At our park we got away from chalking for the very same reason. I also think that painting lines look a lot better.

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