Understanding the ICD deck versus the Velocity Plus versus the X mark Ultra Cut

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. HenryB

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    There has been so much talk about these decks and being that I have owned and currently own all 3 I thought I'd comment on the differences I almost feel obligated being that this site has helped me out of so many pinches with repairs etc
    The ultra cut is a tightly baffled deck with a small discharge opening it processes the clippings and chops them up very finely it leaves an extremely nice finished cut in dryer conditions. it does clump a bit when it's wet but nothing you can't deal with if you use your head.
    The velocity plus is a great cutting deck my biggest issue with it is it does not process clippings it cuts them and being a very open baffle deck with a big discharge cuts clean and leaves clippings on top of the grass for my situation in the northeast it's not really acceptable and I always have to double sometimes triple cut the clippings to chop them up

    The ICD deck is right smack in the middle it's got a very big discharged opening tightly baffled not quite as tightly as the X mark but definitely more so then the velocity plus probably my favorite of the 3

    You can probably tell from my tone I'm not a huge fan of the velocity plus I know guys on here a love them they do cut extremely well but the lawn clippings a real pain however to just cut in wet weather conditions it's probly the best option if you can deal with the clippings length.
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  2. weeze

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    the solution is to use oregon G6 blades with the velocity plus. then you get short clippings instead of long ones.

    of course with anything the type of grass/weeds you are cutting has a lot to do with it as well as the mowing conditions.
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  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Wouldn't Gx blades make slurry out of long, wet grass resulting in wads instead of processed blades?
  4. arl250

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    I run all scags and one walker at the moment and I know exactly what you mean about the clippings. It drives me insane. In lush thick spring grass we have to double cut everything to keep that nice clean look to the yard. I demoed a toro last week was was very pleased with what I saw. I’m strongly considering one but haven’t yet
  5. weeze

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    not really. i mean if it's super wet it's gonna clump up some no matter what blades or mower you use.

    i run nothing but G6 blades all year long on my scag and on my deere. it does a good job for me.

    maybe northern grass will give different results i dunno. when i mowed with the factory scag blades it didn't leave any clippings behind if it was dry. the deere left long clippings behind with factory blades. when i switched to G6 blades it chopped the clippings up into small pieces and it leaves less behind even in wet conditions.

    sure there are times on certain grasses or weeds when it's really wet that it will leave a few clumps on bi weekly yards. there's no such thing as a perfect setup for every single situation but in my experience this is the best "all around" setup for mowing.
  6. Scott's Lawn Maintenance

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    From the sound of it no deck is absolutely perfect . You have to find the one that works best for you . Bagging is another option but who wants to do that anymore unless you have no other choice .

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