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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmonkey0311, Jan 14, 2019.

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    It's a whole bunch of poorly researched initiatives that on the surface make some folks feel good but when peeled away don't hold up.

    I have no objection to moving towards renewable energy but it's something left to scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs to get it up and running-not political mandates from congress.
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    How does that relate to day labor? I’m lost
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    Somewhere in there it states crazy stuff about redistribution of wealth. Everyone should get a paycheck even if they are unwilling to work, etc...
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    The same way day labor relates to the new green deal-it doesn't. This isn't about day labor-it's about trying to move away from fossil fuels on a time table-not on the tech needed to do it.

    Remember the vehicle fuel mandates from years ago? Same thing only they became law and the result was lighter more cheaply made cars and trucks that were more dangerous in accidents. Ever see those little crap cans in an accident? They actually end up in shards. Good steel never did that-thank you fuel mandate.
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    LOL, they pork barreled in hillary clintons alaska style PFDs for everyone?? into a save the environment bill...pricelss
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    They do that in the UK-it's called "the dole".

    Coming to a theater near you (let's hope not).

    Disability, SS, unemployment benefits are one thing-just handing it out because you exist is another.

    I don't care if they stick to the rich on taxes-in fact they should. Just use the funds to lower the burden on people who WORK for a living.
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    Here's a link to the actual resolution. One congresswoman, AOC, put up a FAQ document on her congressional website that went way beyond the scope of the actual resolution.


    What would motivate people to stretch the truth and start telling everyone that garbage her office published is in the actual congressional resolution?
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    Bout 5 years ago two of my guys who had been with me a while (and we're best friends) well I fired one for cause and soon thereafter the other quit. My attorney said no prob because you fired one and the other quit then no unemployment. Well long story short they both lied on their unemployment application and I got contacted by the state. I told them the story then was told I need to go to a hearing in Nashville if I want to refute or argue against the state paying them UI. Attorney told me I'd be better off just letting them get it rather than try to fight it due to time and the possibility that the said disgruntled ex employees may retaliate... Slit my tires who knows. So my 1% rate got jacked to 2.5 or 2.3% can't remember off hand. For about three or four years. It's back to 1% but I've still been paying the jacked rate. I'm always running a credit that way. And it's not a whole heck of a lot over the year. Helps me keep on top of anything like that which may happen.

    Edit.. I choose to continue to pay that rate I know I can go back to the 1%.
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    If The Green New Deal passed you wouldn't have to do any labor at all...just be casual!
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