Unemployment one month or two?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1grnlwn, Jul 19, 2003.

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    How many months does an employee have to work for you before he can draw unemployment? I let this guy go past a month and he is not working out. I really don't want to spend the time and grief (and his retribution) building a paper trail. I would just like to walk out Monday and hand him his final check.
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    I suspect that it depends on what state you're in as to what the time requirements may be since there is Federal Unemployment and State Unemployment, perhaps the laws are tied together, not sure.

    In Ohio I know that an individual can work for multiple companies to qualify for the time requirement during the base period. So if the the requirement is 22 weeks and he's worked 18 weeks through one other or two other companies that qualify than he only needs to work 4 weeks for your company. I think there is also a stipulation with a minimum amount of money that has to be earned as well.

    I wish I knew more to share with you about this - but I share the above tid bit only so you realize that the time frame that he works for you may not be the relevant question. My recommendation would be to call the Unemployment Office and ask them how it all works, I think I'll be calling this next week since I don't know the answer to these questions.
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    call your dept of labor
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    If you are worried about building a paper trail so it is not charged to your account, good luck.

    Here in MN, unless an employees quits, comes in drunk, doesn't show up, etc. They will collect.

    Incompetency is valid to get rid of them, but they still collect.
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    I had a guy that did not return to work the next season and the following winter he collected against my account.

    Now how is it that a guy that works for you 2 years, then does not for a year. Files for benefits 13 months after leaving my employ and it goes against my account?

    I have no clue

    The people at unemployment that I dealt with on this matter had no clue either..........................:angry:
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    You should have fought it, GLAN. I had an employee who voluntarily quit, went to work for someone else.

    You can dispute charges to your account, within 7 days in MN. DOL said she gets the UE, just didn't get charged to my account. I even offered her the job back, but she didn't want it as she had moved.
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    I did fight it. As soon as I got notice that he was collecting against my account, I called imediately. It went on for weeks. Finaly at the end I was told that due to the fact that the claiment did not work long enough with the other company for a rating. That he did with me, they charged my account.

    It was a total mess..........In the end they credited me back the charges.

    Interesting thing was one guy at at the UI office told that workers do not have to return to be eligible. I tell you, you can't make this stuff up. This is government. "Hi, I work for the government how can I ruin your day"
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    In another unrelated matter...
    I have a commercial rental property that used to have a driveway that went to a garage. No way to get through the property before.

    But I tore down the garage to make room for parking. Then I added class-5 rock over the grass. The drive is still there, still my property. People can now drive through to the real alley, like a loop.

    The City inspector came by and said to everyone parked in my driveway "This is an alley, you all have to move. What if there was a fire".

    Well, when my neighbor asked "Is the city going to plow it then", he shut up.

    Government officials. If they only knew half as much as they thought they did.... And if they had any clue to how the private sector works, we could get by with 10% of what we have now.

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