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    I read some unemployment websites....but they read like stereo instructions.

    Here is the scenario:

    An employee worked for three weeks. In the third week he asked to be off the last day....no problem, see ya next week he was told.

    The next (fourth) week arrived and he was a no call, no show. He didn't answer his phone and didn't return voice mails.

    The unemployment office calls a little later and says that he filed for unemployment.

    When the unemployment office is told that he was not layed off or even fired and that there was plenty of work to be done and that he was a "no show" they laughed and said no problem, they will take care of it.

    They call back a few days later and said that now he is claiming that he was promised things that he never received.

    He claims he was promised a certain weekly wage. The office was told that the first two weeks he received more than the promised wage but since in the third week he asked off the last day he did not make that wage.

    And here is the kicker. He then claimed that he was promised full benefits, medical dental etc.... After a long laugh the office was then told that NOBODY has benefits, the owner, employees, nobody. And, that there was no plans for getting any in the near or distant future.

    Their response was that they had to have a meeting to discuss all of this.

    The real problem here is that although they seem to be helping him a whole lot they will not answer any of our questions as to what is a valid claim or not.

    Any help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.:)
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    Thats' some crock ... I'd more than likely send them a certified letter stating the facts n tell them good luck

    Lucky in FL we are a "right to work state" so we really don't have too put up with that S#@%

    No show no call is in my handbook what happens .... I also have this in my handbook

    Employee Acknowledgement Of Probation:

    I understand that I am on probation as an employee for the first ninety (90) days of my employment, which started on ________________ , for the purposes of the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law.
    I understand that if my employer (Fantasy Lawns Inc.) discharges me for unsatisfactory work performance under the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law, Ch. 443.131(3)(a)(2) ES., they will not have their account charged for any unemployment benefits I might be determined eligible for in the future.
    I acknowledge that I signed this form within seven (7) days of my employment.
    I have received a copy of this: Yes ____ No ____
    This employee handbook contains a general outline of Fantasy Lawns Inc.’s policies and procedures and its contents do not give rise to any enforceable contractual rights relating to continuing employment or receipt of benefits between Fantasy Lawns Inc. and its employees. Employment at Fantasy Lawns Inc. does not mean you are guaranteed a job for a specific period of time or until you retire. Likewise, you do not commit yourself to Fantasy Lawns Inc. for any specific length of time. You and Fantasy Lawns Inc. reserve the right to discontinue your employment with the Company at any time, for any reason, and without notice or cause. This flexibility lets you adapt to changing personal circumstances or other employment opportunities, and it allows the Company to effectively administer its human resource policies.

    Employee Full Name:


    ____________________________ Signed on this Date: __________

    Social Security Number: ________________________

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