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Uneven cut - 48" WB Fixed deck


LawnSite Member
I have an uneven cut on my 48" walkbehind, fixed deck, in just a few places. On the straight and level it does just fine - the cut is quite even. But where I have to go around trees the outside edge cuts just a bit shorter. Or if I am cutting along the hillside, the edge that is lower cuts quite a bit shorter. It is almost like the lower edge is digging in.

I am assuming it is weight transfer either from the turning motion or being on the hillside causing the tires to compress. Does this sound reasonable?

I have checked the following and all are appropriate:
- correct # of spacers on all three blades
- blade sharpness
- tire pressure (though not tire diameter)

I have not checked:
- blade balance
- level from front to back or side to side - though by eyeballing it there is just a very slight front to back angle, with the front very slightly lower than the back.

So I plan to check the level. Is there anything else I should check? Or am I just going to have to live with the uneven cut because it is a fixed deck?