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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by coolluv, Oct 5, 2006.

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    I was wondering if anyone else has the problem that I do with uneven cutting. Let me explain. I live in north Georgia, most yards are not flat. The builders of the new homes dont do a very good job of leveling off the yards before they lay the sod, and most yards have a slight hill and are uneven for one reason or another. Sometimes its because they will put a swale between 2 properties to drain the water to the street. And somtimes its just a bad grading job. But the problem I have is that when I cut these lawns if they are not flat I get an uneven cut and it looks like crap. If the yard is flat no probems. By the way I use a 44" Super Z. Should I use a walk behind or would I have the same problems? Does anyone else have this problem? I bought and use the Z because I work alone and I wanted to be as productive as possable. I would not be able to use this mower on really nice lawns because I think they would shoot me.

    Thanks for your help. Dave
  2. befnme

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    explain " uneven " is it scalping ?
  3. Charles

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    Make sure you tires all have the same inflation. Chilly nights and warm days change the air pressure dramatically. This time of year, warm season grasses are brown underneath which can make the cut look uneven too.
    A lumpy yard will look bad no matter what you do.
    Check you scalping wheels and see if they haven't flattened out and/or worn in the center
  4. davidcalhoun

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    Might need to take on different accounts that match your current equipment better. Or you can change/add equipment to fit your desired accounts.
  5. topsites

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    Make sure none of your blades are on upside down, and the spacers set correctly.
  6. dave k

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    Try cutting at different angels, if your on a hill and are going across the lower wheel will have more weight on it from the slope, try adding more air pressure by a lb. or so. Also try and sell sanding the yard in the spring, go to www.sandmantopdressing.com Make sure your deck is level to which it must be if its ok on flat yards, thats why most people cut Bermuda real low or real high, Bermuda will pronounce the un even cut because it has growth from the top and when it is un even you see the brown from the stems. Good luck, keep us posted
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    First off let me say thanks for your help. befnme The answer is no its not scalping. Charles we think alike, that was what I did first to try to correct it. I checked my tire pressure. Topsites that was the second thing I did was to make sure my blades were not bent and were sharp. Dave K believe it or not that was the third thing I did was to raise my tire pressure on the left side by a couple of pounds and put that side on the low side of the cut. Great minds think alike. A better description would be that it leaves a line on the low side of the cut that is maybe a 1/4 to 1/2 inch lower than the rest of the cut. I really don't think that anything can be done other than to maybe use a smaller mower. One of my customers was cutting his own lawn and just didn't have time to do it anymore so he called me. He uses a 21 inch mower and he was having the same problem on the side of his house where the property line is and the drainage swale is. He asked me how it could be avoided and I told him that it was just because the ground wasn't level and that I didn't know what to do. I told him I have the same problem. Basically the steeper the angle the worse it gets. Some lawns have beds in front of them and then the grass starts and slopes down to the front of the house to the sidewalk. Some houses are relatively flat and some are more sloped. But like I said the more the grass or yard slopes the more prominent the line. I thought that if I used a smaller mower on the sides I would not have that problem but he used a 21 inch and he had the same problem. But again its not just the sides of the yards. The steeper the incline the worse it is. Sometimes I can mow up and down and other times the yard is too small and I have to mow across. I just don't know what I can do. I hope that I explained it a little better. I have not been doing this too long. This is my first commercial mower. I had the same problem with my own lawn with my troybuilt 42" mower but I thought that it was just the mower and that the lawn was not level. I didn't think that I would have the same problem with a $7700.00 mower. I try to look at other company's workmanship to get an idea if Iam doing a good job or not. I want to do a great job. Some of the other company's seem to have the same problem some don't seem to have that problem. I guess I just wanted to know if it was something that I could do differently or do other people have the same problem with sloping lawns. Thanks again for all the help. I really love this site and the people here are great.
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    Try Lifting The Deck High As You Go Over The Area That Is Getting The Uneven Cut And Then Go Back And Blend It In With The Weedeater. Thats What I Do.
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    Hi Coollluv, when I said to raise the pressure in the back, I meant on both tires, because when you go back the other way, the lower psi tire would be towards the lower end. I have a 42" Walker GHS and on my GHS deck I was having one side cut lower and it looked like crap, had a lot of e-mails to Bob Walker, ended up having to measure the blade tip on each blade to the ground north south east and west, turned out one of the height adjustments were off by 1/8 inch or more, figured out which one and added spacers and came close to getting it level, but thats what I would check first, raise up your deck to 4", cut a 2x4 to the exact size and use that as a jig and rotate both your blade and place it under the tip and see if you get the same measurements all the way around, and if not, see if you can adjust it to get it even, what mower do you have and what deck size?
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    How old is that mower they don't even offer a 44" deck on a Super Z?

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