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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguy ny, May 31, 2002.

  1. lawnguy ny

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    i have a 48 in great dane. my guide wheels are in the center of the deck .with the grass now in seed stage and mowing at 3 3/4 in. the grass is long with all the rain , these guide wheels roll the grass down and does not spring backwhen i am going at good speed. so i leave two strips that are not smooth .when i go real slow it is ok, but it takes longer . by the way this happens with new blades.how can i corret this ? and has it happened to others
  2. Russo

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    What's up. Born and raised in Rochester. My brother-in-law works for the town of Chili. Small world.

    How tall is the grass you are cutting? If it's gone to seed, then I'm assuming that it's at least over 8 or 10 inches. If this is so, then there is not much you can do but go slower or mow it twice.

    There are a couple things that might help a little such as adjusting deck pitch and mowing height, other than that - the grass is just too tall for anything but a bushhog. Even the greatest of commercial lawn machines ( and Great Dane is no joke ) are not designed for such work.
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    also, if it is standing above the rest of the grass, that is another reason why it doesnt spring back up. kinda like taking a blower and trying to bend one blade of grass down to the ground as oppose to blowing a hundred blades of grass down........the thicker the grass the better it cuts to me. each blade supports the other while the wind vacuum is going on and they stand up. u get a smoother cut then
  4. ohiolawnguy

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    m&m is right. thin grass doesn't cut as well as a thick lush lawn. I suppose how to fix your problem depends on the each situation. IE-each lawn is different.

    if it is a smaller lawn, then i would go ahead and double cut it.

    on larger lawns then you just may need to slow down, like you mentioned.

    I have noticed that with a double blade setup, it seems as though the air actually picks up the blades of grass like a vacuum,(even when wet) resulting in a much better cut. you may want to try doing that.

    once the grass starts to slow down some, this problem should go away.
  5. Flex-Deck

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    If you are mowing at 3 3/4" I do not know of many mowers that will not leave some kind of reminder that there is a wheel in front. If the grass is tall and you are mowing that high, any support mechanism is going to bend the grass over far enough that the deck will not be able to compensate for. Tall grass gets laid over by the front deck skirt and the baffles in front of the blades, and by the time it can stand up, the blade is in the next county.
  6. lawnguy ny

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    i am cutting at 3 3/4 inches because the grass is growing so fast and in one week it is 7 to8 inches tall if i mow shorter it leaves to much grass on top and i would have blow it off.

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