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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MauiBoy60, Oct 13, 2000.

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    If you have a 3/4" difference in height from tip to tip and you have removed 1/2 dozen bent blades-it sounds like you have a bent spindle.If blades are new,that is all it can be,unless one is falling out and lower because if that.Do not expect a clean even cut with that mower,especially if you step on the deck to get on and off,the thin metal will bend and the deck will become uneven over time.that is the biggest reason for uneven cut on cheap mowers.Itmust take you a full day to mow 4acres with that thing!
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    I'm currently running a '98 Sears garden tractor with a 46" 3 blade deck and have no problems with uneven cuts. I do, however, keep a constant check on the decks side to side level, it does like to drop a bit on the left side. I have had no problems with bent spindles. The one problem is using a tractor-type mower, the front axle weight bends the grass before cutting, and the blades do not have enough lift to stand the grass back up to cut it properly. Admittedly, this machine is not in the same catagory as commercial mowing equipment, and performs as such. Mine will be sold next year and be replaced by a front deck machine.

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    Thanks to all you guys for the advice. Talked to some of the local fellows here who are running similar tractors and yes, the money I ***saved*** (loaded emphasis there, mind you) didn't translate into great looking lawns. Most of the guys here started out with Craftsman for their smaller jobs but as soon as the bigger accounts started rolling in, they dumped it for a much more quality product - which means Exmark or Honda over here. No Dixie Choppers on Maui, alas!

    As far as the spindles are concerned, they are as straight and of equal length as can be.

    About the deck being flimsy: yes, I've had a couple of the guys tell me the same thing. They told me to go and compare an Exmark deck, a Honda deck, and a Craftsman deck with a caliper micrometer, if I am the doubting Thomas...*LOL*

    Will keep you gentlemen posted on my progress. Again, Mahalo Nui Loa!! (Thank You Very Much). You guys are the best and most knowledgeable bunch I've encountered.

    Keep On Mowin'!

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    Hows the money for accounts in Maui for a whiteboy? Ive thought about giving up my business in California, and moving to Maui and startinga Landscape/Maintenance Business out there,... Could I make it, would a Howlie survie there?

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    Aloha, Mark!

    Well, you can make a go of it, but initially, I'd make sure I'd have a steady paycheck to go along with the landscaping business. There's quite a few of us around, but I always said, the more, the merrier!

    I'm assuming that you already know about the Paradise Tax...with milk being $4/gal., gas at its cheapest on Maui is $1.98 for regular unleaded, yadda, yadda, yadda, so I won't go there.

    If you still are rarin' to go...come on over, bruddah!

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    This aspect of your post is the stumper.
    Walk behind some one else cutting this
    area.Anythig from something on mower to
    different approach to certain areas. there
    is an answer so hope you find it.

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