Uneven cutting on hills. Help!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by robertclarence, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. robertclarence

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    I just tried out a Great Dane Chariot, where the 61" deck is suspended by chains (I was told that all zero turns are)? When I cut sideways on a hill the downhill side cuts about 2" lower than the rest of the grass. It really looks kinda gouged. The dealer said that all commercial mowers do that and suggested I cut up and down the hill. I tried that but then cut along the bottom of the hill to even it out but even on that slight grade there was a 2" difference. He said they're really only designed for flat cutting. Is he telling me the truth or are there other mowers out there that can cut sideways on a hill? Is the deck just tooo big? I'd really appreciate some advice from some pros out there. Thanks
  2. ToroMaster

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    Big decks are for big flat open areas. Get a smaller walk behind mower to finish up the bottom of the hill where the deck is suspended too high because of the incline. It's not all zero turn mowers that have this problem, the shorter the distance between the front and back wheels will give you a better cut. You can also try a front mounted zero turn, or check out a Wright Stander.
  3. chimmygew

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    If you get the angles along the dips and curves just right with the sides of your deck, you may not have that problem.
  4. blackberry

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    Robert, Not all decks are hung on chain!!!!! Although a 61 is a bit big for hills, we use a 61 inch Wright stander with little or no problem The only place you get into trouble are really steep side hills , so we go to a 48 inch wb. I would find another dealer to work with!
  5. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    You should be mowing across a hill not up and down anyway.
  6. NoWalk4Me

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    I ride a 60" Super Z and on my personal lawn I have some pretty steep hills, especially the front near the road frontage. I alternate mowing up/down, side-to-side, and 45's (angles), each way. When mowing side-to-side the only time the lower side cuts into the turf is in the "valley" or trough at the bottom. I have to be very careful not to make that last cut to far down the hill and also the first cut on the "flat" to much up the hill. As far as cutting across the slope, every other pass seems to be a very even cut. A commercial property I cut is very similar and the results are very much the same. Might want to try another mower to see if you get the same result.

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    "dealer said that all commercial mowers do that and suggested I cut up and down the hill."


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