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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dwc, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. dwc

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    I have a 48" Wright Sentar and the right side of the deck is cutting slightly lower than the left. I have checked best I can and the right blade is even with the middle blade when I time them together and also the difference in the right blade and the left blade measuring to the floor does not vary more than 1/8". Could the mower be "rolling" to the right or could the spindle be bent or something to cause this?
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    Just an Idea..Check the tire pressure
  3. GLAN

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    and are you catching the grass?
  4. dwc

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    I have checked the air pressure and they seem to be ok. I let a little air out of the left side tonight so it is slightly lower than the right and I will try that tomorrow.
    I catch some but discharge most of the time.
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    prolly tire pressure
  6. HarryD

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    have you pulled the blades to see if any of them are bent. A bent blade will make it cut uneven
  7. dwc

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    I replaced the blades and it didnt fix the problem. actually I hit the edge of a water meter that was in tall grass and it bent the blade some so I put on a new set and this is what it is doing.
  8. First things first. Check the air pressure all the way around. Then measure your deck clearance as it hangs above a smooth floor for unevenness. Next see if there is any play in the spindle bearings. As you’re looking under the deck, the ends of the blades should not wobble up and down any at all. Side to side is ok, but not up and down.

    As you have stated, you’ve got new blades so I assume they’re not bent. And as I recall, the Sentar doesn’t use spacers between the blade and spindle, but if there are some, make sure they’re not grooved. Where there are grooves, there are ridges, and the height of those ridges will be magnified by the length of the blade. It’s possible the part of the bolt that sticks out below the spindle is warped. Remove the bolt and roll it on a flat surface with the head hanging over the edge. Watch the center of the head and along the shaft for oscillation.

    If you hit something really hard, you may have torqued the deck where the spindles attach. You can see a misalignment if you time the blades so they pass close to each other as they rotate. If the deck is torqued, both ends of one blade will be higher (or lower) than the ends of the other blade. If one end of a blade is high, and the other is low (or not as high), then the blade and/or the retaining bolt is bent. Best to perform this test with new blades, because it’s meaningless if both blades are bent.

    Other than that, the deck or frame may be bent, but that doesn’t seem likely.
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    good reply bluesteel
  10. dwc

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    I adjusted the tire pressure and it seemed to help but I still think there is something else. When I time the blades where they pass beside each other there is no difference in height either way, they are offset from each other but I can tell there is no difference in height. I have not checked the up and down movement of the spindle bearings so I will check that and see. Is there a chance the spindle itself could be bent?
    Thanks for the post, I will check and see what i find out.


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