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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Budman, May 6, 2004.

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    My back yard was being invaded by chickweed, so I decided to attempt a spot renovation. We have a christening party for our youngest daugter coming up on May 23, and I would like to get a decent-looking stand of grass going by then. About three or four weeks ago, I sprayed all of the chickweed with glyphosphate to kill it off. I then thoroughly raked out the dead areas, put down a mixture of KY 31 fescue and annual ryegrass, (70/30 mixture, about 10/lb per 1000 sf) and lightly covered the seed with a mixture of topsoil and peat moss. When I say lightly, I mean a light sprinkling that just covers the seeds and retains moisture. I also added some starter fertilizer. I have been attempting to lightly water the areas 2X/day for about 20 minutes at a time with a standard-issue hose sprinkler.

    Since then, some areas have come in quite nicely, while others have shown little or no germination. I reseeded a few areas that looked sparse, and those are just starting to show signs of germination. See the attached pictures. We had some heavy rains over the past couple of weeks - is it possible that some of the seed was washed away? Would it be worth the trouble to again reseed the bare spots? If so, should I use the same seed mix as before?

    Any words of wisdom are appreciated.

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    Another view of the back yard...
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    Sorry, picture did not take...

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    Could these guys be part of my problem?

  5. went to all that work and used k31 and annuel rye. What a waste of time!

    urine could cause the problem, apply gypsum, and add asquirt of tomate juice and vegatable oil to dry food. 46 oz of toimatoe juice plus 18 oz vegatable oil.

    use tt tall fescue, pernnial rye, k. bluegrass, all improved varities!
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    Sorry - I meant to say perennial Ryegrass - this was to get something down that would germinate quickly and provide some cover for the fescue to fill in later.

    What is wrong with using KY 31? It is a variety of tall Fescue, isn't it? I don't think Bluegrass would hold up well to the dry, hot summers we have around these parts. Plus, I need something that will hold up well to foot traffic. Can you recommend some specific alternatives? I may be doing a more thorough renovation lat summer/fall. This was just an attempt to get it looking decent in time for the party. The chickweed would be dying off and leaving brown spots by then anyway.

    Sorry if I sound uneducated, but I am when it comes to planting grass seed. I went by some of the suggestions that I had seen on this site.

    Can anyone else chime in with some suggestions? Thanks!

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    Tim Turf, the gypsum is obviously for the lawn but, does the tomato juice and oil on the food affect the ph of the dogs urine that much? Never heard of that. Does this usually work for urine spots or is it hit or miss?

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