Ungrateful disrespectful customers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by snowplowjay, May 16, 2003.

  1. mark2

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    If they're still wearing polyester pants they might be a problem!!
  2. snowplowjay

    snowplowjay LawnSite Member
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    ROFLMAO yes this guy definitely was

    Thanks guys for your input. I feel better knowing how frequent these things really do pop up and that its not just me.

  3. WildMowMan

    WildMowMan LawnSite Member
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    remember.........everyone is expendable...if you lose 1 you'll probably gain 2..........onll you make or break your business not them.
  4. Ajays

    Ajays LawnSite Member
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    Never be afraid to talk to a client. If they called and left you a nastygram... call them back, explain yourself, and appologize. Never worry about a client coming outside and talking to you. Treat all your clients like you would like to be treated. Some people are impossible to deal with, but don't fear them or they will walk all over you. In any instance the worst possible thing that can happen is that a client cancels your service. If this happens, they didn't deserve your service.
  5. Paradise Landscapes

    Paradise Landscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    I cut on a weekly basis charging 60.00. I know I'm a little low on this price. 2 Parcels. A 1/4 parcell can't be cut do to all the rain and I've been stuck before. The family knows I can't cut the wet *****
    areas and they want to knock me down to $40.00. That is definatly Unaceptable. $20.00 less? I can deal with $10.00 less. But not $20.00.

    I stand my ground on my rates, They call ne out of line. I'm about to drop them.
    Husband: About 65 to 75 yrs Old, Realtor for Hanna Howard.
    Wife: Old about 6 yrs younger. Snobby, Owns an art gallery.

    They are the type that think they can change rates to thier liking.
  6. kickin sum grass

    kickin sum grass LawnSite Senior Member
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    you tell them fine, I will knock my price down to 40 BUT when it dries and can be cut it will take x amount (the amount discounted for the length of time) of dollars to get it back under control cuz it is so tall. We have been there done that before. We will not discount cuz we can't get to all of it do to wetness cuz it is a mess to get back into shape. It all balances out.
  7. Paradise Landscapes

    Paradise Landscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    kickin sum grass,

    I thought about it. I got rid of that PITA Customer. I feel better knowing that He won't be a bother. They come and go. I belive that I should be able to get better customers if I go out and Advertize my ***** off putting fliers in papaer boxes this weekend.

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