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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brunnersltd1, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. brunnersltd1

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    Anyone else having issues trying to demo John Deere mowers? I am .... I currently lease 2 JD quiktrak 652r efi mowers.... And I'm looking to convert my fleet of 14 to all JD....I've been tryin for 3 months now... Some of the models over 2 years... Shits rediculous , if I don't get resolve soon I'm done, goin back to TORO ... Anyone have any contact info to Deere? The phone info you get on Deere 's website is junk, I've tried that and it was a dead end!
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  2. CuttingEdgeLandscapes

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    What local dealer are you going through? I don't have a problem whenever I call them. I can give you a direct phone number straight to my sales rep if you want
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  3. brunnersltd1

    brunnersltd1 LawnSite Member
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    JD equip, Boones and Koenig.... I will no longer do business with Koenig....I want an actuall Deere rep contact info , not a dealer rep....all 3 of those dealers were unable to get me hydro walkbehind demos or 997 model demos, or a 661r demo...
  4. neetan

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    John Deere is like owning a franchise, so if you are looking for a major sales agent in your state ~~~~ Give up! They do not have them! I had problems with my unit, WHAT A JOKE... Now a Hustler Owner.

    Go to Toro, Hustler, Bad Boy, Bad Dog or anyone else. Now when you need parts like bolts, hitches, belts Try John Deere! I find their prices well for parts. Now when you have problems with your JD, do not call JD LOL.

    Sorry after one engine, and a transmission you give up.....

    P.S. I am writing this while I am on my 4th glass of Jonny walker Gold.
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  5. NorthernCut

    NorthernCut LawnSite Member
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    I'd look into SCAG! Great to deal with. I had demos there the following day. By far the best mowers I've been on! As you can assume I'm now a SCAG owner!
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  6. southerntide

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    Are they full green dealer?

    Should contact your regional district manager and let them know of this issue, I have had calls from my regional just 1on1 talk good people man.

    There can be bad dealers in any brand, some more than others JD is pretty strict on how they operate and this is not how it's done especially with someone wanting to take a fleet, you can't beat Greenfleet either if you're going with that many units you will be set up good + nice discounts in fleet any issues you got 24/7 uptime behind you.

    I'm just a solo guy too 1 unit.
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  7. Texas*Golf*Bum

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    I go to my local John Deere dealer here in my city. I have awesome service with them.
  8. southerntide

    southerntide LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Alabama
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    Same here but still got some out there needs to be set straight, they are in every brand though seen other before I swapped to JD just horrible all the way up to Corp.
  9. 13Razorbackfan

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    I love my Deere dealer but if you only have one deere dealer in your area and are having issues I would look elsewhere. Behind cut quality service to me is 2nd on my list to look for. I would go check out your scag dealer
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  10. CuttingEdgeLandscapes

    CuttingEdgeLandscapes LawnSite Member
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    There are multiple dealers in brunners and my area. Can't believe they're all bad.

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