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Hudsonville Mi
So I own a company called turf and surf lawncare. yes I am aware that lawn care is two words but I wanted to be different. Anyways its called that because I do work on or near the lake Michigan lakeshore in a fun beach town. So I had an idea to have Hawaiian style shirts for work outfit I run a crew of myself to myself and 3 others. I thought this because it fits the theme but also it's a good marketing tool. The only problem is because of the busy print I cant print/embroider anything. So do you guys think I should use the Hawaiian shirts as a work shirt and then get some embroidered polos for estimates. Or just scrap the Hawaiian shirts and stick to printed t-shirts? Thanks in advance


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Spring Hill, FL
The simple solution to your problem is to have the embroidery done on a sew on patch. That way the pattern in the shirts won't make it hard to see your company name.