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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AndyL, Apr 11, 2002.

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    Hey folks,

    Just landed a Nice contract today (Wish I could start on it, there's still 6" of snow on the ground in places) But it begs a question... This is a big local company (Oil) and they require their contractors to follow their basic PPE standards. Basically the standards, Steeltoes, gloves, full length pants, sleeved shirt, Eye/Ear protection. Also due to the contract being alongside a roadway, they require Safety vests.

    I don't have a problem with that... I was actually planning to enforce a strict uniform policy this summer anyway.

    But I do have a question, I live in a VERY safety conscious town (every company motto has safety in it, and its not just talk) My thinking is, considering the safety consciousness of this town, it would probably look 'favorably' to have the crews wear the safety reflective gear at all times... Of course then I run into the problem of 'lost/forgotten' vests. So I'm wondering if anyone knows a Shirt manufacturer who encorporates the reflective safety strips into garments. I've checked around town, and I've only been able to find Coveralls that encorporate the reflective gear. The coveralls might be a good answer tho, then the guys can wear anything under them...

    Anyone ever send their crews out in coveralls? Did they hate it? Or threaten to lynch?

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    why not keep the vests in the truck, when they get to work they put it on, when the leave they take it off. i have wondered about coveralls.
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    My suggestion would be to find an embrodery/custom T shirt out fit and see what they can do for you. I haven't done the safety strips you are talking about, but in talking to the owner where I get my T shirts, they mentioned that they do a lot of saftey stuff for the police department, and others.
  4. AndyL

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    The whole problem with vests in the truck, is employees have to CHOOSE to wear them... I knew lots of crews who would leave the vests in the truck (while doing boulevards etc) Or they would forget them, or loose them, whatever the excuse du jour. The Client will not tollerate that, 1 substandard PPE incident means contract is gone. And this is the in-town office, the Bosses are in and out all day.

    I really wonder about the coveralls, I'm stuck wearing Nomex IIIA all day at work, and its pretty cool (temperature wise) I'm pretty sure _I_ could mow in it all day. Then again, I'm not about to spend around 300$ for each pair of Nomex coveralls...

    I'll check the embroidery shop tomorow, didn't even think of them! Thanks!


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