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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tommy Boy, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Tommy Boy

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    Ok Lawn Gods:

    I would like to invite your comments on uniforms. How many of you provide uniforms for free? If so what? Just a shirt or jacket? Do they have to provide own uniform items that are approved?

    I am think about going to a uniform service for my crews, little bit expensive, or some folks I know offer the unifrom items and split the cost with the employee. I want to be fair and I pay my guys well.

    Thank you for your time and maybe I can make a decession before the spring

    Tommy Boy
  2. Az Gardener

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    When we used a service it was always split this way it costs about 3.00 for each of us per week. Services were always great for the first few months then the unis get stained, ripped etc and you run into the up-chardges to replace stuff that the sales man assured you would be at no additional cost :dizzy:. Then the $3 per uni times the 6-8-10 guys starts adding up per week and you realize you could buy new stuff every 6 months at this price. Or so you think.

    I was just quoted for 50 nice polo's with embroidery for 20 bucks each. The guys will wash them and they will easily last until fall, 10 guys shirts for 8 months... lets see I have not done this yet. 1200 divided by 34 weeks = $ 35 per week, divided by shirts for 10 guys = 3.53 per week. So the cost is a bit more because the uni's provide pants too. But you are locked into grungy unis for an extended period.

    We need more input, anyone else just into uni's from a company? I have not priced them for a couple of years but it seemed like I was always writing checks for 300 bucks.

    Now you have me thinking, I had planned to just buy the shirts but now I am reconsidering. Great! just what I needed more analysis paralysis :dizzy:
  3. EagleGrounds

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    I am solo most of the time, but i am purchasing t-shirts this week to give to some family members, and keep a couple for guys that work for me for a day or two to wear, but give back to me when there done
  4. hsieh

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    you can go to walmart and get really cheap polo shirts and kaki pants and wash them at home. and that way they're all cotton so you don't get hot.
  5. bohiaa

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    For the solo guys it works out just fine, however when you get a bit larger, and working around buildings where people come and go. it's werid haveing one of your guys standing there with an AX, or some other tool that is frightening and or threatning to others,
    and he's Dressed in Jeans and a dirty Tshirt........


    And yes I speek from experance....

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I just provide guys with t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and woolies. I'm still throwing around the idea of splitting the cost of pants at the beginning of the season with them or if I should just buy them and eat the cost.
  7. RGM

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    In the past when I had a crew I gave logo t-shirts to the seasonal guys and logo hoodies to year round.
  8. br549oicu8

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    I provide uniforms to my guys but they have to maintain them. They get dark green pants (doesn't show the grass stains), bright orange button up shirts with our logo and an American Flag on the sleeve, gloves, safety glasses, belt, hat, jacket and a hoodie. They are required to wear my stuff while working.
    A Very professional appearance will get you and help you keep good jobs!!
  9. hvphotog

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    lets see some pics of the uniforms...
  10. BP348

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    What about T-Shirts? Anyone have a recommendation for quality T-shirts? I was thinking I would buy like 10 T-Shirts and 4 or 5 polo's and have them done at a local shop.

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