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    hey there guys.... for any of you out there that do wear uniforms, i'd appreciate any advice you can give me.... I'm looking at getting a couple golf shirts/polo's and have my "business name" that i currently operate under(being a minor i cant legitimately own a business or legally register one) embroidered on one breast and my name underneath or on the opposite side... So i was wondering For those of you that wear uniforms like this, what is the brand, if any, that you find to suit your purposes and perform well? Or any features in your uniforms you have come to find to be of use. There's so many options that i have no clue what to decide on, any advice based on experience would be appreciated.

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    Try superjoe.com
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    @Jon - I used to work at a Computer store where all of our stuff was purchased through Lands End. I absolutely loved the shirts. The price and quality is just about unbeatable. Although I don't wear polos while cutting, I do have a couple for bidding and other times where presentation is important. They do provide the embriodering, but I'm not sure about the price for the stitching as a I have a friend who's mom does that as a side business. I would check out them out if you are seriously looking.

    @nick - Buckeyes huh?....how 'bout them Gators. (and for the record, I'm a Razorbacks fan - Woo Pig Sooie)

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