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    I am thinking of buying uniforms this year and I am wondering what you guys do.Where is the best place to buy them?Is there any thing I should know before I buy them?How many articles of clothing do I need for each person?If you guys have any answers to these questions or anything related to this subject please let me know what you think.<p>Thanks!<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care<br>
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    I depends on your company size. For small operators, I would only get Polo shirts (no T's) w/ Logo embroidered (no screen printing) and get 3 shirts per guy. Maybe a 3 season jacket for the spring/fall.<p>I had breakfast yesterday with the guy who runs the #1 (lawn care) image company in our city and they have a uniform program that makes the US Navy look like they're just getting started. It's way overboard (IMO) but image is very important to them.<p>I'd start small but classy.
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    Well are you looking for pants and button shirts? If thats what your going for you might want to look at rental companies that take care of them. They come out size the guy up fit him then bring out all the cloths. They fit better this way. Alot of the outlots that sell uniforms sell second cuts which where miss cuts for a rental company. They dont fit right guys are not happy in them and so on. That is a bad thing when you think they are wearing them for 8 to 14 hours a day. At bottom line just get button or polo shirts and have a dark jean set. So the guys must wear black or dark blue jeans to work. Thats what we do foreman wears a polo and labors wear tee-shirts. BUT they all wear Dark Blue Jeans each day. Hell lot cheaper and still looks good.
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    I'd put my vote in for khaki pants. They look neater(IMO). And yes you can get some good pants from Carhart(or whatever) and WearGuard. I think Polo's are the way to go also. Takes the Pro image one step further than the Tees. I know you can't judge a book by its cover but, what about when you see someone all dressed up in the office suites(suit or business dress). You immediately think 'hey they know what they are doing' Yeah I am talking psychological. Like I said I'm not saying it is always right but it is what a number of people tend to think. Take a guy in a nice uniform or the guy w/ the Pink Floyd Tee and jeans. I tend to think the former has their stuff together in more than one way. Image does sell!<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
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    I'm going to interject here and say this: when the temp hits 98 and the humidity is 65-70%, you want the least amount of clothing on as you can get. Polo's look great, I wear them myself, but last year even a standard sleeve on my arms made me so hot I kept rolling them up. What I had to do to keep everybody from falling out with a stroke was to buy sleeveless t-shirts. We all matched and everybody was a few degrees cooler. Polo's are fine in the spring and fall I agree, but you better think about your health more than your image. IMO as long as everyone matches you will look good, and everyone that sees you will know that you have a job that is dirty and hot!<p>Homer
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    Homer,<br>I tend to spout off input based on my situation. :( The temp seldom crosses into the 90's and almost never break 100 where we work. Obviously, Polo's wouldn't be ideal for that.<p>Speaking of heat, though: get the pique Polo shirts, they're cooler and they're cooler.
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    I am going to be getting some more Polo's soon and I will look for the brand you mentioned. Our heat index in Alabama last summer was 110-115 degrees for well over a month. It was almost unbearable and I sure hope this year isn't as bad. When we finally got a 88-90 degree day we thought it was fall! The humidity was so bad that even if you did start at 5:00 am, by 6:00 am you were soaked with sweat. I'm looking forward to cutting again this spring but not battling the heat, consider yourself lucky if you don't have to endure it!<p>Homer
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    &quot;Pique&quot; is the weave. It's the &quot;rougher&quot; feel as opposed to the smooth cottony finish.<p>They look nicer (cooler) and breathe (cooler).
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    This year I am goning to navy blue work pants and t-shirts. A local supply store will take measurements for the guys and put them in the proper fitting pants. I am buying 5 pairs ($9.99 each) so the guys will have a week supply of clean pants.<p>I also can't justify the expense of the polos. In the summer when it is hot, it is not uncommon to go through 3 or more shirts in a day. I can get my shirts for $7.75 each. <p>For and average cost of less than $150 per employee, I can get them 5 pants and 12<br>t-shirts. This way I have control over the way the crews look and don't have to worry about what the guys are wearing.<p>I have not found good comfortable hats yet. Does anyone have any ideas? <p>
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    Look into the uniform rentals that the auto shops, ect use. They provide the uniforms, and make adjustments for the different seasons. The other advantage is that they rent them to you, and if an employee quits, you are not out the uniforms, nor are you stuck with a size that will not fit anyone else. They also pick up and launder them each week, so no more sirty uniforms, or lack of uniforms because the laundry didn't get done. They usually supply a 2 week supply.<p>A buddy in the auto busniess does this. I think that for 4 employees it is around $60/week. They even get two winter jackets.

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