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  1. JConner

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    im thinking about getting a set of uniforms for myself and maybe a plain **** and pants for a helper here and there i looked at cintas site and there are spicific pants i want and shirts but for 3 shirts 3pants for me and 1 of each for a helper but it is like 200 costimized shirts ofcoarse and plain pants is there anywere cheaper that anyone has delt with ?

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    i wear jeans and i have embroidered Tshirts. i have shirts that i give my helpers when they work with me as well
  3. JConner

    JConner LawnSite Member
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    the shirts that i have been wearing are just printed t's and i used to work for a pest control company and i bought 3 pairs of pants from them and i cant wear any others they are 28 bucks a pair and my wife wont have of that. and the three i have are about worn out. i cant really wear blue jeans not confy for me. I hate the idea of shorts. I kind of wanted to up the antie the uniforms i used to wear were very professional
  4. tpoirier

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    After a great season last year I sprung for tee shirts just to give me and my guys a more professional look. Something simple and easy is best, I went with a single sided print green tee shirts with white print. (logo / company name / phone number) for a dozen shirts it was only $135.00 which included the art fee / set up fee. So now any additional shirts i order are $8.50 a shirt printed when I buy 6 or more. As far as everything else, tan shorts/ jeans and work boots.

  5. Murphy's LawnCare

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    Why not just rent from Cintas instead of buy? I am thinking of doing that....I am not sure if there is a minimum though. I know the shop where my buddy welds, they only charge them 7 bucks a week. That give you 6 clean 6 dirty and 1 on your back.
  6. PLS-Tx

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    We checked with Cintas, but we went with Aramark. It's about $5-6 a week per person.

    I see you are from Beaumont, we are from Vidor. :waving:
  7. advanced lawns

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    Staples sells heat transfer paper. Basically, you print your logo or info onto the paper and iron it onto your shirts. You can get yourself a few cheap polo shirts or tee shirts, add the logo, and you should be all set.
  8. JConner

    JConner LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the help im going to look into the renting but i also like the making them myself idea to thanks

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