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    Has anyone had luck with a particular Uniform company? Has anyone figured out the most cost efficient way of providing this for your employees? ie rental, buying, charging portion of cost to employee, etc.
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    Birthdaysuit.com cheap and free

    Well when I worked in the resturant business I had to pay for my hat and shirts,as well as everyone else. Now my winter guy works in concrete in the summer, his employer pays for everything except undies and pants and boots. I also worked taking inventory for stores. They gave me shirts and I had to buy dress pants, shoes and a belt plus a fancy belt that held a calculator type thing that held the info. I found it dumb because we were in there when stores were closed.
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    Everyone working for me wheres an embroidered shirt polo shirt, if they are laboring then it is a light wight screen printed shirt. I keep the lettering simple on them all, just my logo, name, and slogan. I get the shirts and hats from queensboro.com, pricing is good, just be careful what you buy, if you get the cheapest stuff on the site, they wont last long. If you get their qualtiy stuff, it will last. Just be smart and set up a dummy email address because they will send you atleast one email a day. I provide these for my guys, if they start to get damage from normal wear and tear then I will give them more. If they lose them, then they must pay for the replacement. Also I have a writen policy where I know who has how many shirts and jackets, and I retain ownership of them, so if employment is terminated then they must return them all back to me.
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    Not Aramark.

    I would not use any of them!!! We tried it and will NEVER do it again.

    We ordered t-shirts for our guys and that has worked great. They like the shirts and it's more advertising for the company.
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    I feel like all of the big brands have the same problem, but after going through Cintas, Aramark and GK. The problem seems to be with the workers. Not bringing in uniforms on clean days, then the company thinks they are lost, then they replace them, then we get charged. Then there is new hires and lay offs, do any of you have a time period before you consider ordering uniforms for a new employee? The T shirts may come in handy for new employees probation period.

    I thought about T Shirts, but I personally think it looks unprofessional on commecial installs and maintenance, especially if I leave it to the workers to clean them.
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    I use a local company. I supply a certain amount of uniforms every year based on a point system.

    Hats----always free
    T-shirts-----1 pt
    Sweatsirts-----2 pts
    Hooded Sweats-----3 pts
    Jackets-----8 pts

    Each employee is given 10 pts a year. They can get whatever they need. If they pass the 10 pts they pay for the extra. $7 per pt. If they use less than 10 the left over pts can be added to next years pts.
    A new employee is given T-shirt and Sweatshirts on 1st day. If he doesn't work out, the uniforms must be returned before he receives his check. After a month, the uniforms are his.

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    We always get uniforms back. I don't want guys who have either left or been fired from my company with uniforms. Unless I am done on very friendly basis.
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    I use Cintas for my crew chiefs that run the trucks and myself. Screen printed t-shirts for the rest of the guys. The problem I had with everyone using the cintas uniforms is if you pay them on friday and they quit and dont show up on monday and you dont get your uniforms back, then cintas charges you a fortune(like 500-600) depending on how many. I got burnt once. Not again. If you hold a weeks check then you can request uniforms or no pay. The cintas look very professional and on some large Commercial accounts they require every employee in uniform with name badge. Just my two cents.
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    There are only three of us, but I have been using Queensboro for their colored shirts, and like he said, you get what you pay for, Ive been very happy with their stuff.. and for me, they carry Tall sizes which is sometimes hard to find online. Next year, I hope to add a fourth person and Ive found a local company Id like to switch in Spring.

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