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    I have always had t-shirts with screen printing on the left chest and whole back. I personally find the writing on the back a little tacky and cheap. I also wonder how much advertising it actually does. When mowing, the guys are sitting on machines or constantly moving around, making reading it nearly impossible. When on an install job, the customer has already hired us. In addition to the above stated, The company trucks with logos are on the street. I am thinking of continuing with matching shirts, but just the logo on the chest and forgoing the back lettering.

    What do you have for uniform policies? Do you purchase pants, sweatshirts, boots for your employees? What about appearance of the articles of clothing?
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    I have cintas shorts and shirts, they must wear. I have t shirts as well
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    We provide t-shirts with logo front and back, also hats. They provide their own pants and boots.

    I see no reason not to put logo or company name and number large on back.
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    One of my employees was on his way to work with a shirt on with the big logo on the back and while pumping gas a woman inquired about us. She called and me on the spot and we took the account in which I still have. This is the first year we have had uniforms. We do allot of gated communities and apartments and its good for people to know who is on their property. Not to mention the level of professionalism a uniform brings to this industry.
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    When you have them ,it makes it easy to decide what to go to work in.
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    We always wear at least our company T shirts and sweat shirt if it's cold. Hats are nice as well. If you all match it looks great.

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