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Unilock Pavers


LawnSite Member
Upstate NY
I want to install a unilock brussels block patio, but one end of the grade is about 4'' lower than the far end. Can I take the Brussels dimensional block, lay a base course along the lower end of the patio almost like a one course high retaining wall, and then use unilock adhesive to adhere the paver stones to that dimensional block and then back fill and carry that same grade across the entire patio?
Also, If I am building a small retaining wall (less than 2' high) with the dimesnional stone that will run up against one side of the patio, do I build the wall first and then the patio or vice versa, and is snap edging still used on this side if it runs right up against the wall? thanks for your input


LawnSite Senior Member
Wall first........almost always. no snap edge needed if building up against a wall, I don't see why you couldn't glue to the top of the block, but I'd bullnose, or cap it and butt pavers to whichever you choose.

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
Depending on patio size, space available, etc, I wouldn't worry about a 4" grade difference from one side to the other. Simply build up your base to slope away from any structures, then backfill up to the patio once the pavers are laid. You will need to "feather" the backfill down to the original grade of the lawn.

4" is no where near enough to worry about putting in a wall to support the patio. Every site is different (so there is no hard and fast rule), but you really shouldn't even be considering a wall unless the grade difference is better than 6-7".