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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Five Star Lawn Care LLC, Feb 13, 2002.

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    Doing Pisa 2 installations last year i relized smoething that i think a lot of people could cut down on a lot of labor costs. Instead of laying the regular pisa2 block as the starter course i would lay Pisa Reversible witch is 24" long it cut labor allmost in half b/c instead of laying 3 pisa2 blocks you could just lay one reversible....just some food for though....has anyone done this before?
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    sounds like a good idea.

    for many of the 'multiple size' systems, many manufactures suggestion using the largest blocks for the base course for both speed and strength.

    A good thing about this is that often, on walls with sharper turns, you end up using more of the smaller blocks and are left with larger ones as they don't work the sharp radius' as well.

    A bad thing is that often the base course must be layed on a sharper radius and therefore you can't use the larger blocks because they don't make the turn or you can't get the blocks to line up nicely on top of them.

    For straight, or gentle turns, the idea is a good one though.

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    The only problem is dealing with two different units. Check around see if you can dig up a Base Maker that way you don't have to play with the wall units thing to level them.

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