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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Apr 14, 2001.

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    hey all. just drove today about 45 minutes or so from my home to go look at this old doctors house. the guy lives in a neighborhood that is all like 3/4 million dollar homes. i pulled into his driveway and all dead or almost dead taxuses or yews. and big overgrown mountain laurel i mean i am almost 6' and these things were 2 times my height. place looked really bad. i talk to him and he just wanted the place weeded maybe every month or every other month. he had cracked limbs over the house and everything and he wants the gardens weeded? you guys ever get stuff like that. i mean this guys neighbors called the town to complain about him and he wants the gardens weeded. it was like the lawn was about 4 inches tall and the weeds were 2 feet tall. this is the beginning of a new cutting season. i just hate it when people who's houses are falling apart ask for the most trivial stuff
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    I've run across a few like this. Rather than having a average overall looking lawn, they would rather spend the money on throwing a few more plants in the yard and letting weeds and grass grow up over everything. I don't know whether these people look at other's landscape and think they just stay that way or what. But they refuse to spend money on maintenance of the stuff they already have.

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    old might be the key word in your post.
    he didnt get all that thinking the way he does now.
    this is just a qualified guess. good luck
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    we all get those type of people .....I just tell em my price and what MY work is ...I get the whole pie or I don't eat !

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