unique lighting fixtures versus volt fixtures

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by CANADIAN MIKE, Nov 4, 2010.


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    Hi guys! I've always bought Unique lighting fixtures in the past since my distributor here in Canada does not carry Volt. Now I been considering purchasing Volt fixtures at a considerable savings. Who has used both type and is there much of a difference? All feedback is appreciated!:canadaflag:
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    I don't think we can mention the name Volt on this site, in fear of the thread being deleted.

    Since they are a paying sponser, they are getting special treatment and protection against anyone pointing out the facts of how they started and where there designs came from.
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    Hi Mike. You will have to wait a bit before trying the Volt line here in Canada. They are not yet properly listed for use here. I understand that Allan is working on this and have been looking forward to sampling his product line once the proper listings are in place.

    All electrical components installed here in Canada must have one of the following electical listings. CSA, cUL, cETL, cTUVus, MET

    There are a few product lines that do not carry the appropriate Canadian listings. FX being one of them (although again they are working at it). Here in Canada we have more stringent safety standards and thus the components go through a more rigorous testing procedures.
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    I don't know if this post is made tongue in cheek but I'm assuming you have seen and read the threads before they were deleted this week. Or is it just a coincidence that you are comparing Unique and Volt. I doubt it.

    Anyway why would you consider buying an alleged bootlegged product ?

    Are the money savings really worth compromising your own integrity ?

    Do you and other buyers who support suppliers of this kind really want to build a reputation of using cheap generic off brand bootlegged products?

    There should be a huge asterisk placed next to so called celebrated television figures who appears on Do it yourself programming and use knockoffs.

    How does that advance the professional industry? promoting a DIY sold product to a DIY audience.

    Everyone is entitled to their day in court. But, We have all seen the products. You have to have no sense whatsoever or be blind not to see that they are the same.
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    Boy, this Volt guy just doesn't get it. I found more lies and deceit on his site.
    Check out the Big Splash. A few days ago he had a totally different fixture called the big splash and he has now changed it to another style.

    That's not the deceit, the problem is that he added several testimonials about that fixture that date back to April 2010 on how great the fixture is. How can that be? He just changed the fixture a few days ago. How could someone already of used that product, especially back in April 2010 when the fixture never existed.
  6. Prolightscaper

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    Look at the lights at this site.


    Hmmn.... look familiar to Unique and LLW. I see just about all of LLW's uplights that are supposedly his own on there.

    Check out this page of horrific reviews of a sleazy online lighting distributor.


    Really makes you think twice about buying from discount importers from their websites. Buyer beware
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    PLS, are you really trying to draw a connection between LLW/ Volt and Sunrise Lighting?

    Looks to me like you are trying to smear LLW.
  8. Prolightscaper

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    the appearance of the online site with bad reviews in that thread is purely coincidental. Nowhere do I draw any connection.

    I just so happened to come across those reviews while doing a search for lighting in so cal.

    I found a few more online sites with the same lights. No need to give them any publicity. I think the point has been made about generic lights.

    If that's what you care to represent in your business than it is your right.

    You should know something about online searches and posting links. You sure have done your share here over the yrs.

    I'll bet the farm you're a Jerry brown supporter. Congratulations.
  9. Alan B

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    Lawnsite... Please leave this thread up. Demonstrates Prolandscape and Sunscape true colors that they are cowards engaged in a smear campaign and discredits everything they say. Maybe time to track IPs.

    I have questions to answer for the forum (and i want to answer) but I will do after speaking with unique first. Even though I disagree with much, I am not going to go on a smear campaign.

    For the record, I did not ask for any deletions,however do agree with Sean Adams.
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  10. Alan B

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    BTW I could list about 10 sites all with very similar/same lights. You'll see lots of new ones by us, and elimination of ones similar to others... always been the plan.

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