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Unique Lighting Systems® Announces New Products

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by Michael J. Donovan, Nov 8, 2013.

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    Unique Lighting Systems® Announces New Products
    Previewed at the Irrigation Show in Austin, Texas

    Several new products and product enhancements were announced at the Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Austin, Texas.

    Light Logic™ Wireless Control System
    The latest release of the Light Logic Wireless Control System includes a lighting interface, a wireless module and a back-lit handheld remote for direct control in the field. Light Logic is compatible with standard FLEX™ Series LED lamps and halogen lamped lighting fixtures. It is also the only wireless product in the industry to control lighting systems and irrigation controllers with the same handheld remote. Easily retrofit existing installations with this cost-effective lighting control system. The plug and play Lighting Control Unit installs easily into Unique Lighting System transformers as well as competitive transformers. Light Logic is also the only scene control home automation including fountains and holiday lighting. Programming is completed with the Lighting Interface and will control up to four scenes.

    The Next Generation FLEX Series LED Family with SmartCool™ Technology
    SmartCool technology is introduced into the MR16 6W and new 8W lamps. SmartCool automatically reduces the current to the LED chips during times of extreme heat, thus slightly reducing the lumen output. This innovative feature helps insure long life for higher wattage lamps that previously was not possible. This provides a great opportunity for retrofits to older Unique Lighting or competitive fixtures.

    The New ILLUMI-CUP™ Wired Golf Cup
    The ILLUMI-CUP is a wired golf cup that illuminates the hole and flag for putting green applications. Offering the latest LED technology the energy consumption is only three watts with a lamp life of fifteen plus years. The ILLUMI-CUP comes complete with the putting green flag and a quick-connect for easy installation and cleaning.

    QuickPro™ Designer APP
    Available from Unique Lighting Systems for iPad tablets, this drag and drop application will auto-matically calculate voltage drop at the touch of a finger, and layout a complete lighting installation in minutes. Developed exclusively to calculate voltage drop for FLEX™ Series LED lamps.

    For more information about Unique Lighting Systems products, visit www.uniquelighting.com or call

    Headquartered in Riverside, Calif., Unique Lighting Systems® is a leading brand of professional grade lighting fixtures, low voltage transformers, FLEX™ Series LED lamps and the patented HUB system for installation. Serving both residential and commercial markets, Unique offers a full line of outdoor lighting products.

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