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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrazerZ, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. GrazerZ

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    Hey guys, have a bid to put in on a 10 acre cemetary that has massive areas of dead grass from last season. They have to have it slice seeded because of those bronze markers that you have to go around otherwise I would sub it out as a hydroseed job. Any guess on a price per acre? I was thinking about $2100 per acre for something like this, hydro seeding runs about $2500.00 per acre around here, but slice seeding is way harder when you have to walk it. I'm game just need your opinions. thanx..
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    2000 per acre sounds about right....Do you have any idea how much area needs to be seeded? Would you be mowing it as well? Either way I would have someone scalp it down to make the slice seeding as easy a job as possible...Doesn't sound like fun, but a good money maker provided the weather co-operates and germination is good...What kind of seed?
  3. GrazerZ

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    We will not be providing any mowing. There are as many as 6 acres guessing that will need to be done. We are going to wait to see what comes back before deciding , hince the per acre price.

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