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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JoeyD, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. JoeyD

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    NEVER played with either Nightscaping or Vistas relay so...........

    Youa re correct about the Hubble as it is a marine type device. We did however adapt and engineer it to work for landscape lighting...........

    As for your meeting date with Nate, go ahead and add that to the list.........LOL.......I think his exact words were, Solecki isnt a di*k after all!!! LMAO
  2. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    1990 – Nate Mullen invents the first Multi-Matic Power Transformer with secondary taps to 22v.

    1995 – Unique Lighting becomes Incorporated, same year Unique invents the 1st Multi-Matic Life Time Warranted Direct Burial Transformer.

    1997 – Unique Lighting offers training courses in Landscape Lighting called Unique Universities to Contractors!

    1999 – Unique Lighting introduces the 1st Secondary Lug Milti-Matic Power Transformer.

    1999 - Unique Lighting creates and introduces a software program called the Wiring Wizard to help lighting professionals calculate voltage which is the 1st of its kind!

    2000 – Unique Lighting invents the Equalizer Hub Method Of Wiring, thus changing the way low voltage wiring is done.

    2000 - Unique Lighting becomes the 1st manufacturer to offer extended wire leads on fixtures.

    2001 - Unique Lighting introduces the Odyssey Line of Solid Brass Fixtures with a Life Time Warranty.

    2001 – Unique Lighting receives a patent for the Stainless Steel Gimbal Ring in the F225/Apollo well lights. Unique also begins including designer lenses and glare control devises with fixtures.

    2002 – Unique Lighting invents the Orbital Mount and Stratosphere Mounting Bracket.

    2002 - Unique receives patents on multiple brass fixture products including Pulsar, Stellar, and Starburst.

    2003 – Unique Lighting offers Advanced Unique Universities to Contractors teaching advanced installation practices, similar to what another manufacturer had been doing for some time.

    2004 - Unique Lighting launches the Copper Knights line of copper fixtures

    2004 - Unique Lighting invents the Satellite Hub equipped with In Line Secondary Fusing! The First of its KIND!

    2005 - Unique Lighting Launches the Signature Series line of fixtures

    2005 – Unique Lighting invents the I-Force inverted Transformer. Once again turning the industry right side up.

    2005 - Unique Lighting launches it's version of a control relay; the Sequencer on/off device for transformers

    2006 - Unique Lighting invents the Augusta in-ground putting green light

    2006 - Unique Lighting adopts the use of a marine socket & the Hubble BBQ Mount for counter top fixtures is born.

    2008 - Nate Mullen & Unique Lighting have the opportunity to meet James Solecki in person for the first time. :canadaflag:

    2008 - Unique Lighting launches the Intelli - System 24v volt wiring system. The first for Landscape Lighting

    2009 - Unique Lighting invents the NEW H-Force Transformer giving you up to 15 Common Terminals each having its own sizeable secondary spade fuse!

    {There you go Joey! now you have a timeline that is more accurate. Enjoy! :laugh:}
  3. JoeyD

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    LOL..Thanks James!!!

    But as for the Advanced UU's, I dont think others had been teaching ADVANCED UU's explaining core drilling, job documentation techniques like Lamp replacemtn charts, and as buids as well as running and ligthing second story eaves etc......there may have been other universities but not liek the advanced courses we taught and continue to teach!!
  4. Go Halogen

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    This is great for all of us to see......

    Anytime you can be your own biggest fan.....you have my applause.

    Come on Joey. This whole thing is a bit cheesy.

  5. TXNSLighting

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  6. JoeyD

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    My own biggest fan? :confused: Are you serious Andy? Since when should we be ashamed of our accomplishments? I thought it was a cool thing to share to show all that we have brought to the table for the industry. Especially when this list has been copied by so much of our competiton and claimed as their own. If you dont like the thread then close it and move on instead of trying to make me feel guilty or belittle me for being proud of where I work and who I work for. Nothing wrong or cheesy with having a little pride in your job.
  7. dwightschrute

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    Copied? I'm sure Rockscapes and others would argue that Unique didn't design the Pulsar, Stellar, Starburst, etc. Those designs go way back.

    Does Unique even make the Sequencer? I have heard that it is made by a wholesale distributor and they sell them to Unique
  8. JoeyD

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    There he is!!! LOL Hows life buddy?

    Cant argue with Patents can you???

    No, Goya no longer sources the Sequencer for us.........The All new Sequencer is all Unique!!!!
  9. dwightschrute

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    The point is you didn't invent the sequencer- you didn't even produce it when it came out.

    As far as "design" patents go, Unique must not be to interested in enforcing them:


    or do they already know the outcome if they tried?
  10. JoeyD

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    we are very interested in enforcing all of our patents..........it is a process that takes time and we deal with it one by one, everyone in violation gets dealt with accordingly.

    As for the Sequencer, we did have it produced for us so I dont get what your point is? we used another person to source and make the device. Was there someone else making, promoting, and selling the Sequencer before us? Didnt think so!

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