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I am looking for anyone that has designed anything unique for their trailers, like a special gate assist or special storage racks, mower securing devices, storage solutions,etc. Im not talking about the normal run of the mill trailer additions that every other guy in this industry has, such as the storage cages on the front of the trailer(unless its unique), or green touch style trimmer racks. Im talking about the things designed and/or made by the owner for his set-up in particular that works well. Ive come up with some neat stuff over the years, such as trimmer and blower racks, gas can storage bins, and a step on the back of the trailer, so its easier to step up onto the trailer to gas up the mowers, or whenever you have to get on the trailer. It used to kind of difficult to step up there, but now its a breeze. Pictures would be great too if you got them. Im always looking for ways to make my job easier, and Im sure all of you are too, so we all may find a new idea we like from this thread. Is it that obvious Im bored tonight, I havent got a truck tonight, and the GF is at her moms house tonight!
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