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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Freshcut Lawn Care, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Was having breakfast at the local restaurant this morning and a buddy of mine came in and we started talking about hockey (like we generally do this time of the year - even with no NHL)!

    He then started asking me questions about how the business was going and another customer 2 tables over; overheard our conservation.

    He came over and asked for my business card.

    After, I gave it to him I asked him if there anything I could do for him and he replied "No, not right now, I just wanted it for further reference".

    Less than 10 minutes later, I went to leave and as I got up; this guys comes back with his name and address on a sheet of paper and asks me to stop by to quote him for Grass Cutting and Fertilizing for next season!

    Turns out this guy lives a couple of streets over so that will be nice (if we get the job). I will see him shortly!

    I got my largest customer from my brother who was talking to him and he (a home builder) was complaining "that he couldn't get anyone to cut his grass"!

    My brother called me and I called this guy! Turns out he has lots of properties and it has turned out very well for us the last couple of years. (Always a lot of additional work, as well).

    Another time my son was photo copying some flyers at the local store and a guy happens to see the ad and asked he was interested in giving him a quote. It was a large commercial property and we gave the quote. We have had this customer for 2 years now and they seem very pleased and I expect they will stay with us in the future. They want to give us additional work next season!

    In any case, this thread is a little long, but I find it interesting in how you get some customers, without direct advertising (which we do as well).

    What interesting things have happened to you folks to attract customers?

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    I was looking at a pond setup in costco (wharehouse chain store). An older couple comes up I started talking to them next thing they wanted my card. I get home and they left a message to call them. I have done 3 small jobs this year for them. I just spoke to the guy last night he is sending his fall clean up contract back and said put him on the list for mowing next season :) . That was the most unusual so far.

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