Unique's CLLI certification- opinions?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Classic Lighting, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Classic Lighting

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    I just recieved an email anouncing a CLLI class in my area. Has anyone taken this certification or would anyone recommend this cert? Just looking for feedback before I commit to it.
  2. jshimmin

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    I lost interest when I went into my local distributors shop to pick up some fixtures. He was working up a material list for a job that came in from Unique. It was around $10k in materials. I was turned off when I found out the installer they where going to run it through does not have the proper low voltage license to do the work. It's frustrating enough when you are bidding against them on jobs, but to have the distributor helping them was something else.
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    I would say that happens with all distributors and all brands. My local Ewing and keeling have never sent me much even though I have bought probably well over a hundred grand in materials from both. I know they have sent lighting jobs to guys that buy way more in irrigation stuff. Just another reason to buy direct. That being said, I would say any certification and class helps your confidence and gives you credibility with customers.
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    What kind of license is required to do low-voltage lighting in your state? In California there are three different classifications. There is the electricians (C-10), the low-voltage (C-7), and the landscape contractor (C-27). And of course a General Contractor ( a B license). Any of the folks could install lights hook them to the transformer, and plug it in. You lose the low-voltage guy and the landscaper for more complex control systems (wiring to a pool panel or a Lutron/Crestron type of set-up), but those deals usually have an electrician providing an outlet already wired to the control system.
  5. Classic Lighting

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    Thanks for the responses. Has anyone taken CLLI classes?
  6. steveparrott

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    The CAST website has a searchable listing of landscape lighting laws in each state.

    By the way, I researched this list a few years ago and some laws may have changed. I'd appreciate any updates.
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  9. jshimmin

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    GA requires a General Low Voltage License. I wish it took more, but no one monitors or enforces the existing law. I did a demo the other night that had a neighbor come look. He had just lost half of his front yard landscaping due to a fire that originated in the lights. System was daisy chained and severely overloaded on the runs. But as he said, he got it for a good price from his yard guy.

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