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Unique's Manufacturing Process

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by nate mullen, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Mike M

    Mike M LawnSite Bronze Member
    from usa
    Messages: 1,988

    Kichler has a 24v trans for indoor lighting, recommended for runs longer than 30 feet. I know nothing about indoor lighting, but this tells me they use finer cable. Very interesting. Still wondering where the breakeven is for outdoor lighting. Small, medium, or just large jobs, etc?
  2. nate mullen

    nate mullen LawnSite Member
    Messages: 47

    I think tI think there are several things to consider:

    1: I have always believed in creating separation in my company’s. Back in the day when I was a lighting contractor I concentrated on a lighting style that was focused on the ability of light to reflect back on all surfaces I.E. sidewalks and driveway. This taught me placement and levels of light. AND ………………….I was the only lighting pro in all of San Diego country not to use path light …..which at that time all L/V lights were Aluminum which deteriorates fast. ( the powder coating was not a good ether back then.) I called it CD. (Continuous deterioration ) Now I could say things nobody else could ……………my first rule of marketing…………….say things nobody else can……………My lighting systems are life time warranty ……….my lighting style is different I creating a lighting portrait using the light to create a mood .not the fixture……….I hope you get the point, Now lets take the 24 volt system this can easily create that separation. Less wire, more profession, can’t by it at home depot, reinforces a need for a maintenance contract, more energy efficient.

    2: It is more cost effective;
    Smaller wire, we could start using 14 gauge if we wanted. (I will get a price on it for fun…………now before any freaks out all of our homes are wired in 14/2 romex except for the kitchen).

    More lights on a run. Twice as many on the same size wire

    Double the distance with the same size wire

    Half the watt loss as a 12 volt system

    Even on a small 20 light system it could be big. What ever half the wire is ……………..this could be big If your transformer is 1838 it has a limit to 25 amp per circuit. Which by the way it is a violation of the NEC to put a 12 wire under a 25 amp over current protection………….so every system that has 12 wire on it is not legal….. But you won’t hear anybody tell you that. (I been making 1838 transformers for years, but there are a lot of limitation to them, maybe I’ll start a post) Now that 25 amps means 300 watts @ 80 % that’s only 240 watts. This force’s you to either use 1 #10 wire for all 240 watts (which now circumvents the reason to use larger wire to over come voltage drop…. it will be like using 12) or use 2 # 12 wires with 120 watts each. (which is not legal).

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