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Universal trimmer head replacement.

matthew horner

LawnSite Senior Member
Sanford, NC
Ok here goes. I own an echo, a john deere, and a maruyama trimmer. The heads are horrible on all of them (well, I don't know about the echo yet, as I bought it without the head). I am looking for a universal head that will fit all of them, so I can wind them the same way with the same line. Does this exist?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Try Rotary catalog. Their E mail address is recleisure.com. I have been buying their universal bump heads for years. They will thread on Echo and Tanaka. But not Stihl. Dont know about the other brands. Alot cheaper than the dealer versions.


LawnSite Member
Sumter SC
I like the rapid load by echo. I wish Stihl made something like it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Not knowing your particular models of each, there are several diff. brands that are universal. I buy from J-Thomas.com (as well as others) and have a app. guide to show your models. (The Oregon "green machine style" 6" head I just bought came with 3 diff. bolts ....7mm, 8mm, and one size bigger)



LawnSite Platinum Member
I was always going to try the Veri products trimmer head, landscaper supply sells them. I think are more universal type and they have some that will hold 40' of line too.