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    Hello, my name is Scott, I’m performing a research study as a JD/MBA Candidate at Cornell University. We’re studying the efficiencies of coordinated action within highly fragmented industries. I'm looking for information from business owners and this seems like a great community to get some of that. I'll be compiling a report, and would love to add this communities information. I can post the report here after I'm done. Thanks guys!

    What information do you require from a potential client in order to give an accurate quote (mowing)?
    Do you account for trees?
    any other variables?

    Average Price for .5 acre general mow?
    How much are you currently charging, on average, for a .5 acre property?

    Average savings for two adjacent properties?
    Do you offer savings to owners of properties that are next to each other? If so, how much?

    How far are you willing to travel?
    What is the furthest distance from your base of operations that you are willing to travel to cut a lawn.

    Payment processing procedure?
    By what method do you bill your clients?

    Service Rendering Protocols:
    What is your protocol when servicing a property and you encounter:
    a gate? (e.g. can’t access property)
    Things on the lawn (dog toys)?

    Execution date flexibility:
    When someone asks for mow bi-weekly, do you mow on a specific date every two weeks or is there a several day window in which you will come to perform?
    Do you notify them when you will be coming? If so, how?

    What licenses are you required to have?

    What type and level of insurance coverage do you have?

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